November 1, 2009

alright, as promised, here are the last 4 weeks of my pictures!

here is Madelynn & i during the commissioning of Johnny's ship. she was quiet and other than eating really quickly, she was sound asleep the entire time.
my mom & dad posed for a quick picture @ Texas Roadhouse where we celebrated my 22nd birthday.
of course, Johnny & i had to get one too!!
hehe, my brother and his daughter were obviously tired ;)
Allison was trying on daddy's dixie cup
my love & i standing in front of his ship...pretty good for being only 2 weeks postpartum, right?!
3/4 loves of my life
...and they started her up...
LHD 8: USS Makin Island
our little Madster was sound asleep
i am SO loving her smile lately!!
Maddie with her eyes wide open
Johnny getting some one on one time with Madelynn!
Allison is such a great help with her little sister. if she isn't feeding her, she is holding her or watching me change her ALWAYS poopy diaper! :)
having a blast @ the park! (Allie)
we couldn't leave Alyssa out
holding hands like best friends do!
walking to the park...glad to have Daddy home!
:) Allison just LOVES holding Madelynn in her arms.
going "pretend" night-night in the kitchen (Alyssa)
Allison was right there playing too!
my beautiful, Allison
Alyssa & Johnny
whoa, Alyssa!
Maddie wasn't loving the flash in her face!
[[meany, Mommy!]]
they were looking at each other to make sure the other one was showing their teeth like i asked! they are such the little mommies! hehe
Allison: our bumble bee
Alyssa: our ladybug

they couldn't wait to get home and dig through their candy!
here are all three of my wonderful little girls before we ventured out to trick-or-treat. i can't help but be bursting with pride and feel so blessed!
a quick picture with Daddy
don't forget about Mommy
♥♥love you, Mom♥♥
and thanks for finally reading my blog. i know it's been a rough couple of weeks (and years :)) but you are doing so well and i couldn't be more proud. we all love you so much and you mean the world to us. you are my best friend and i am so sorry that we can't be together more often. the babies (all 3) miss you like crazy. hang in there, we will be home soon. ;)
well, there you have it. it has been a lot of chaos lately...poopy diapers (thanks, Maddie), sleepless nights, un-packing (still not done), cleaning house (and yet it is still trashed), trips to the park and wagon rides!!

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