November 2, 2009

i have been following MckMama's Blog for awhile now and on many occasions have considered writing my own "Not Me! Monday" post. it wasn't until i woke up extremely motivated to make my first day alone with 3 kids (all under 2 1/2) a success and have EVERYTHING go horribly wrong, that i KNEW it was a must this week. please enjoy as i share my most embarrassing, hideous, guilty and shameful moments!!

. . .

i woke up to feed Madelynn around 7am this morning and there is no way that i only fed her an ounce just to hold her off so i could then get her twin sisters out of bed and downstairs.

i would never leave the twins in their nasty wet night time diapers while i finished feeding Madelynn.

when i realized that Madelynn had fallen asleep after that 1 previously mentioned lousy ounce...i did not then leave her in her swing so i could have some quiet time.

after i had changed the older girls and gotten them dressed, this is the conversation that followed...

Allison: "Mommy! ucky bug!"
Me: "No, Allie, there is clearly not a bug on the floor."
(because we all know that just couldn't be!)
Alyssa: "Quick, Allie...shoe!"
(obviously she was determined to kill the poor thing)
i then walked over to where they were standing to examine this invisible pretend "bug" that they were talking about when i felt something crawling up my legs...

there is no way i would see the crushed chip mess that the girls made all over my living room floor and yet STILL leave it for in the morning to pick up. thus leaving it for the dozens of tiny ants who love to frequent my house!

following the "ant situation" i attempted to make a nutritious breakfast (cereal) for the kids so i could try to sit down for 2 short seconds when i did not hear one of my daughters yell
"No, No Sissy! Bad girl, time out...GO!"

Alyssa had decided that i didn't give her enough cereal so she then took her sister's bowl and emptied it into her own. ugh!!

. . .

thankfully, i got the whole mess cleaned up and i am now watching "Dora the Explorer" with the twins while Madelynn is in her swing (some how she is still sleeping).

November is Military Family Appreciation Month!!

i must now begin my long to-do list!!

i hope everyone has a wonderful day and know that you are all in my thoughts!!


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