October 27, 2009

it took a little longer than i would have liked, but here are a few new pictures of the family. they are about 3 weeks old, but you get the idea.
Allison helping her daddy feed Madelynn
now she is giving it a shot on her own
Johnny was such a trooper while i suffered from my spinal headaches...
here he is cuddling with Maddie late at night!!
- Madelynn Jane-
Breanna was SO proud of her new little cousin
heading home from the hospital :)
Madelynn on the day she was born
((October 7th))
Nana's first time holding precious Madelynn
Johnny was so smitten when he held her in the recovery room
is he a great daddy, or what??
one last picture of momma before the surgery!!
i was ready to P-O-P!!
i hope this will hold everyone off for a few more days until i can get some new ones on here. until then, take care and God bless.

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