October 13, 2009

wow, what a month, what a life! its been a little over a month since my last entry and i can't even wrap my mind around the amount of craziness that has consumed my life. let me start where we left off...

my mom's parathyroid surgery went AMAZING and she was home 3 short days afterwards. unfortunately she was just a few hours shy of making it to my baby shower. the baby shower, by the way, went very well. i was surrounded by wonderful people (special shout out to my in-laws for being there for me and to my aunt who helped me out so much when my mom wasn't able to) and received so many great gifts. we all had a few laughs, opened gifts and even got to talk to Johnny on the phone.

as we were sitting at the baby shower, Johnny pulled into San Diego!! his out to sea was officially O.V.E.R.

a few days later i received a call from Johnny informing me that he had changed his flight and that he would be landing the next night. my mom and i took the twins to pick up Johnny from the airport and it was such an event!! the twins were SO excited and couldn't contain themselves as they saw their daddy coming down the escalator. they were overjoyed and ran to him with open arms.

we spent the next few days adjusting to life with "daddy" back in our lives and before we knew it, it was time for Apple'n'Pork...a local flea market with lots of people, food and good times. it is truly a place where memories are made...and you can believe that i had been looking forward to it for months. we had a great time and probably spent too much money!! haha.

by the time Tuesday morning came around my mom had been complaining of a horrible headache for a few days. she woke up Tuesday morning completely confused and incoherent. i decided she wasn't fit to drive herself to dialysis so Johnny and i jumped in the car to take her ourselves. on our way, i called the dialysis unit to inform them of our situation and we were then instructed to take her to the ER. not even minutes after arriving, my mom had two horrible grand mal seizures. to this very second, and with every ounce of my being, i KNOW that God was with us that morning as our timing was more than perfect. i just know that He was holding us in His arms during that terrible time and making sure that we were taken care of and looked after. He got us to help right when we needed it and He was with my mom as we all thought she was dieing, His presence was outstanding that day!

after about a week of testing, a lot of tears, an insane amount of prayer and so much love...my mom was released from the hospital. we had our ups and downs over that week, but i truly believe that my mom left that hospital better than she has been in YEARS. yes, YEARS!

the day my mom was released from the hospital also happened to be the date of my planned c-section. it was never the solution i wanted (i was hoping for a drug-free vaginal) but the time had come to meet our beautiful little girl. as my mom was being discharged from DMH, i was busy at Bromenn preparing to be cut open. the c-section amazingly well and Madelynn Jane was born on October 7th @ 12:20pm. she was 6lbs even and 17 1/2 inches long with what seems to be brown hair. can you believe it? brown hair!! i was telling Johnny just before her birth that i had a funny feeling she was going to come out looking like my mom...

i was able to hold her for the first time in recovery and it was a moment i will never forget. we cuddled, laughed, cried and i even got to nurse her. it was an amazing moment! a few hours later we were visiting with family and friends...showing off our newest little addition to the Stone Family.

we came home two days later only to realize that i was suffering from a horrible spinal headache. it was by far one of the most painful things i have ever experienced. not only did i have a headache, but my vision was impaired and i couldn't even see people's faces at times. thankfully after about 4 days of non-stop laying on my back, my headaches have officially gone away. :)

the twins are adjusting very well to having a new little sister. they love to give her "gentle kisses" and help feed her. Johnny is also adjusting well. i don't know how i could have handled the last few weeks without him. he has been my rock as i have been put through so much stress and he hasn't complained once.

i apologize for not posting pictures and leaving out so many details that i normally would have given. its been a hard month for me and finding the time for this single entry was challenging enough. we are out at Johnny's parents house and all 3 of the girls are sound asleep. i am currently writing on my new laptop!! it was an early birthday present from my parents for being there for my mom when she needed me the most. i personally feel like that is something i should have done regardless, but who am i to complain about a free laptop. ;) hehe

more later...

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