September 12, 2009

today was a day of change and progress...

as you all know, my mom had 3 1/2 of her parathyroids removed today. i am happy to say that the whole thing went very smoothly and was a huge success! the Dr. was able to complete everything just the way he wanted and its only a matter of time before we know if the surgery will bring the results we are hoping for. we did get to visit with my mom a little after the surgery. she is very upbeat and positive but still in a little pain. her speech is getting better with every word out of her mouth and she is was even eating ice chips when we left her. i have to hand it to her because even in the first moments out of the OR she had the whole room roaring in laughter. she knew exactly what to say to lift everyone's spirits. overall it was a great day and i couldn't have wished for it to go any better. i know that is all thanks in large part to everyone's prayers and i am very appreciative!
i called the hospital to make the final arrangements for my c-section. i have to go in for some labs two days prior and other than that, we are good to go. i am calling tomorrow to pre-admit and then it should all be down hill from there. i am getting more and more nervous with every day that passes.
i am officially married to the US Navy for two more years. yes, that's right...Johnny re-enlisted today! he is very excited and we both feel like this was the right step to take at the moment. i think we have agreed to take everything one day at a time and not to make any decisions until the day they need to be made. i think this commitment that was made is a HUGE deal considering today is September 11th.
i have to admit that as an 8th grader, i did not truly understand what was happening all those years ago as our country was being attacked. i will not even begin to say that anyone has forgotten what happened that day, but i do wonder if some people have forgotten what it felt like. the raw thoughts and emotions that everyone felt that day are still felt on a daily basis by every single person who knows, is related to, or is in the military.
i will be 35 weeks along tomorrow and i am so proud of myself. i never even thought that i would make it this far and i am still grateful for everyday i keep this baby in. my cramps are starting to intensify and come more often, but they still aren't regular so i am not too worried. my hips are sore and i have pretty much started waddling around. :) just the slightest movement from Madelynn is a painful one as she is quickly running out of room. she should be somewhere around 5lbs at this point and that is just plain mind blowing. even as i am sitting here writing about it, i feel as though i could vomit. i am stretched to the max and extremely uncomfortable. if i didn't know better i would assume i was coming down with the stomach flu or something. i know you all just my gory details so i must inform you that not only has my nausea come back, but i have been burping rotten eggs for over a day now. *sigh*
this weekend is sure to be a busy and eventful one. my mom is hopefully coming home tomorrow and we still have a lot of prepping to do for Monday's baby shower. lucky for me, i can do most of everything from the couch with my feet up. :) take care and God bless!

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