October 23, 2009

i know, i know! shame on me for STILL not posting pictures. i feel as though i am still playing catch up from the last few weeks. if it wasn't someone having a surgery, a baby, a 30 hour road trip...it was a baby pooping, a house to un-pack, Dr. appointments to schedule...UGH! i just want to scream at times.

obviously we traveled the 30 hours from Illinois to California just fine and made it home okay. it was a long drive, that's for sure. all three of the girls were amazing and i had to keep reminding myself that i do indeed have three children under 2 1/2. (i sometimes just have to laugh when i say that...its so surreal.) we would stop about every 4 hours to feed the baby and let them twins stretch their legs. Madelynn would wake up long enough to eat (and occasionally puke on mommy) and fall right back to sleep. the older girls did wonderful until the second half of the trip then they started to just get plain old SICK of sitting in the truck. who could blame them though, right? thank goodness for "my little pony" DVDs and junk food. that is what kept us going and kept our little girls somewhat happy. i wouldn't say that i am looking forward to ever doing that again, but it wasn't nearly as bad as i had expected in the beginning.
we were, of course, on the road for m birthday. i'm not too upset about it. my grandma bought me an ice cream cake (my fave) and we enjoyed that a few days prior to us leaving. also, as i mentioned in my last post, my mother was oh so generous and went out of her way to get me the most amazing gift imaginable...my new laptop. i love.love.love it...and so does Johnny. haha! none of these things compares to the gift i was given 10 short days before my birthday...my daughter.
she is absolutely the most amazing little bundle of joy i have ever laid my eyes on. she is gorgeous, well tempered and sleeps very well. i always thought that i was extremely blessed with her two older sister, but i can't explain to you the difference between preemies and a full term baby...the difference between twins and a singleton...the difference between being a first time mom and an experienced mother of twins!! this time around had been easier in a way that i never expected. the twins absolutely love to help feed their little sister and its so adorable when they chime in "its okay Maddy" or "don't cry Maddy". Alyssa even got mad at Allison the other day because she had taken Maddy's doll away from her after Alyssa had placed it in her lap. it was precious! Alyssa cried and started screaming that it was Maddy's baby and to GIVE IT BACK! haha.
the girls are adjusting well to being back in California. i think they may have even remembered the house...unfortunately they didn't remember all of the rules. i think it's going to be a few more weeks of "Meany Mommy" for me before things finally calm down and the rules can go unsaid for more than 2 seconds.
tomorrow is the commissioning of Johnny's ship, the USS Makin Island. it should be on the news for those of you who are interested. (Fox News) i need to go out tonight and find an outfit to wear. it is supposed to be "business attire" and with it just being 2 short weeks after the birth of Madelynn, i have nothing to wear.
all three girls are napping and Johnny should be home soon...more later!

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