September 10, 2009

my mom's surgery is tomorrow afternoon! this should be a pretty quick and easy procedure and we are looking forward to having her home with us again over the weekend. i would appreciate your prayers as my mom doesn't always have the best track record with previous surgeries. hopefully this time her surgery will not turn into 4 surgeries and a 2 month long hospital stay. :)
here is my mom holding little Alyssa after one of her naps. the twins love her so much!
Allison & her Papa being goofy...
Breanna & Emma performed with the m-squad during the home football game!
[[here is Breanna strutting her stuff]]
...and little miss Emma Lou!
here are my growing little ones as we sat in line at McDonalds. i think "chicken" is their current favorite word!
for those of you who don't's Allison-Alyssa!
... Emma & Breanna...
last week when the twins were sick it was almost impossible for them to keep their eyes open...
this was taken shortly after breakfast, AS they were PLAYING!
they were KNOCKED OUT!
Allison Leanne
Allison has always been our little night owl. it never fails that almost every night she will wake up an hour or so after she was put to bed. i guess she just needs that extra time to be by herself and play. anyway, i was painting the other night and this is what happened...
this was her finished product!
Alyssa, Emma & Johnathon
getting ready for bed
Johnathon on his first day of Head Start!!
Allison is such a sweetheart♥
my poor baby was sick.sick.sick!
Allison is ALWAYS on the computer. she loves to click the mouse and push on the keys.
&&future blogger in the making&&
again with my beautiful nieces!
we went to a baby shower a few weeks ago and Breanna & Emma got in on the fun.
chugging apple juice in a bottle!
we even tasted baby food
this is my old foster sister, Mary! she lived with my family for two years when we were younger. in this picture she is about 4 weeks further along than i am in our pregnancies! she welcomed her little boy into the world last week: Jaidyn Douglas Lahr.
can you believe she is 2 years YOUNGER than me?? i am too short! :)
here i am with my aunt Dot Dot before the babe shower!
my grandma with Alyssa right before bed
this is me a few weeks ago (before the baby shower). my shirts are getting so short on me...
time to go shopping! :)
the girls on their first day of school!
Emma Michelle
Breanna Nicole
Nana & Emma before we went in to meet her teacher!!
haha, Emma down right REFUSED to wear her book bag the proper way on both shoulders. i guess i forgot what its like to be super influential kindergartner.
the countdown stands as follows:
My mom's surgery - tomorrow
Johnny pulls into San Diego - 3 days
My baby shower - 3 days
Johnny gets into Illinois - 15 days
My scheduled c-section - 27 days (but hopefully not needed!)
Johnny was made supervisor of the 950 work center the other day. he was very excited and i was so proud of him. he had to give away a few of his prior duties, but along with being supervisor comes a lot of responsibilities! he says that he is having a blast as supervisor and is so glad to finally have this opportunity. he is excited to show everyone how hard of worker he is and that he has a lot to prove!
i decoupaged my belly cast last night and i LOVE the outcome! i have to add a few more details, but we're almost done! its been a long process that will all be worth it in the end!

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