September 7, 2009

i just received an email from Johnny and thought that i would share the picture that was included. i think this may be one of my favorites that he has sent. mainly because it shows his amazing personality. he always seems to know how to make any situation a funny one...
please don't ask who is in the picture with him...i have no idea! i haven't had the chance to meet many of the men on his ship because a lot of them are really new to the ship and haven't even moved to San Diego yet.
Pity Party - party of 1
im missing Johnny so much right now. im over 8 months pregnant and my hormones are through the roof. every minute of everyday is a challenge for me because my moods are constantly changing. i think that because i know this pregnancy is almost over and Johnny is so close to getting home...i am having ever emotion under the sun. i guess i just need a big long hug and an "i love you".

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