September 4, 2009

all is well in our world today. Allison is still a little under the weather, but for the most part both girls seem to be bouncing back from whatever "bug" it is that they had this week. they both requested to go out and play today and were eating up a storm...okay, they still eat while they are sick!! they eat ALL the time. i still can't even believe that it was once a hassle to get them to eat baby food or anything solid! even though they were off the bottle at 15 months (12 months corrected age) i thought for sure they would be the only ones in their kindergarten class still on a bottle. haha...slight exaggeration! ;)

my Dr.s appointment went very well yesterday. blood pressure, urine and weight were beyond perfect and he had no complaints. we went over my birth plan and he thought that everything sounded very well thought out and doable. i will (hopefully) be having an all natural drug free VBAC water birth. i know it sounds like a lot to take on, but you have to start somewhere! i am not opposed to using drugs for help, but would like to see what i can handle first. i wasn't exactly given this opportunity with my first pregnancy. in the rare and bizarre circumstance that i don't go into labor naturally, i have also scheduled my c-section date. (because i had a previous c-section, induction would be too risky for me and the baby) it looks like October 7th is our long awaited "D-Day". the Dr. doesn't seem to think that we will need it, but we are just being safe. that would give me 10 days to heal and on the road by my birthday (the original due date). in two weeks i have gained a whopping 1/2lb and it is clearly all going to baby. she should be growing an estimated 1/2lb every week from here on out just herself...Dr. doesn't seem worried at all. baby is measuring right on track, kicking up a storm and has a perfect heart beat! prepare yourself for today's edition of

"TMI: The Tales of A Pregnant Woman!"

i lost my mucus plug today! :) i almost didn't even realize it until i did a double take on the toilet paper. normally this wouldn't have bothered me, but i am just worried that labor may be around the corner. i call the Dr. and spoke to a nurse who said that as long as i rest and take it easy then i should be fine. when you lose your plug it could mean that labor is a few hours away...or it could mean that its 1-2 weeks away. basically it is like every other pregnancy symptom..."everyone is different". i HATE talking to anyone about my symptoms or what i am feeling...they either think i am about to have this baby or i am over reacting. haha!

Johnny left Peru the other day and they are now on their way home. it should only take them about 11 more days to hit port. i keep asking myself "is it really this close", "is he really almost home and this is over", and "omg, that means that the baby is almost here too!". haha! his flight is scheduled to land in Illinois on the 25th, but the way i see it is that as soon as he is in California, he is always just a few hours away and any flight can be changed or booked. i will feel a lot better knowing that its possible for him to get here if needed. he truly sounds great when i talk to him. his emails are always positive and informative!! he acts like he is enjoying himself and having a good time. one of the things i like about Johnny being in the Navy is that he truly loves his job and what he does. you have to figure, he is out in the middle of the ocean, seeing all of these amazing places, doing what he loves to do AND getting paid for it. it seems like the perfect job to me. ;) i know he misses his family though. he talks about Madelynn in every single email so i am not worried about him freaking out over the upcoming addition. at first i was worried that he wasn't going to know how to cope with the fact that he left as a family of 4 (i was barely even pregnant) and coming home just in time for his 3rd daughters birth. it would have to feel insane! he is taking it wonderfully and is even coming home with a few blankets for her and a new doll for each of the twins. how did i get so lucky as to find such a great man. he is the sole reason i am so happy with my life. without him, it just wouldn't be the same.
Johnny, i know you hardly ever get on my blog (its far too feminine for you, huh!?) but in the rare case you happen across it; please know how much i love and appreciate you. you tell me how "strong" i am or that i am good mother...none of that is even in comparison to what you do for us. you have just been away from your family for nearly 6 months total and haven't complained one single minute. you email every single day and instead of listing a bunch of stories about your day, your main concern is your two little girls and their mother! how are we feeling, what are the twins learning this week, is Maddie kicking? you have always been so supportive and understanding. i know that i can get through anything as long as you are by my side. you truly bring out the best in me and want the best for me. you aren't just my husband, you are my best friend. you were my friend first and that is the relationship that i hold most dear with you. i couldn't imagine going through half of what we have with anyone else but you. i know i am hard to get along with...that is why you love me so much! ;) i am stubborn, ornery and opinionated! i give my two cents even if they aren't wanted and you find a way to make me "think" you are listening. haha. i guess what i am trying to say is, thank you!! i love you with all of my heart and i can't wait to raise another beautiful red headed little girl with you! hurry home!

here are a few of the latest pictures from Johnny. they are from his last port in Peru!

my mom and i are attempting to make my belly cast tomorrow. wish us luck! :) my biggest fear is that i am going to look wider than i am long and my boobs are going to sag to the side! :) (oh the joys of pregnancy) i will take pictures along the way and post the finished product. as of right now i want to decoupage some 2in tissue paper squares on there and add some tulle to the bottom in the illusion of a ballerina skirt. it should be VERY girlie and perfect! keep your fingers crossed as we venture into the unknown and make a horrible mess! haha... :)


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