August 14, 2009

Updates from the

here are the most recent batch of pictures i have received from Johnny.
in their dress whites getting ready to visit their first port
busy at work...right?!
pulling into Rio De Janeiro
on watch while sailing through the Straight of Magellan

just thought that i would keep everyone updated. for obvious security reasons, these pictures are old, but i still wanted to share them with you. i am unable to give current information on their location, but they will be pulling into San Diego in a matter of weeks. johnny is doing great and still having a blast!! he is working hard and currently trying to get his second pin. like i have previously mentioned, he got his air pin after passing the test with flying colors and dominating during his board. his goal is to get his other pin in a matter of weeks. (keep him in your thoughts) i will be purchasing his plane ticket in the next few days which will make his homecoming (into Illinois) final and very much REAL! if all goes as planned he will be here in a matter of around 42 days. :)

there was a bit of drama in our house today when we took my niece, Breanna to the emergency room when she had something go through and then EXIT her upper arm. she was playing at her mom's friends house and slipped. she wasn't sure what she fell on and nothing was found, but she definitely has an entry and and exit wound in her little arm. :( they took x-rays and were unable to find any foreign object in there and there was no damage to her bone. (we got very lucky) she was such a big girl while they cleaned her up and put in THREE stitches. there was some major crying for about 5 minutes, but she was smiling 30 seconds later. she was such a trooper and i am SO proud of her. i know she may not be my daughter, but she means the world to me and i think i was in just as much pain, as she screamed for me to make the Dr.s stop. :( she will always be my first "baby"!

my mom was scheduled to have surgery today, but due to her not feeling well, it was rescheduled for later next month. she is feeling a little better, but long story short...a surgery at this point could have been life threatening. i am so thankful that the surgery was cancelled and my mom now has time to heal her body. after growing up around someone with a chronic illness i am constantly asked how my mom is doing. don't misunderstand me when i say that she is doing fine as always. "fine as always" is by no means "good". it simply means that she is hanging in there, still with us, and we are dealing with things one day at a time. some days are better and others she finds it hard to even get out of bed. hopefully after this surgery she will get her energy back and find the strength that she needs to get back to her outgoing and positive self. my mom is truly the strongest person i know and i can't even imagine dealing with 1/8 of what she has. please, please, please keep her in your prayers as she gets to feeling well. i NEED my mother in my life. she is my best friend!

well, the kids are officially signed up for school and its just around the corner. im not sure if i am excited or upset about it. i am happy to have a calm and quiet house, but sad that my stay here is coming to an end. i go on bed rest exactly one week from today and from there its only a matter of time before Madelynn is born and i am heading back to California. i will be 31 weeks along tomorrow and that is shocking to me. where has time gone? wasn't it just yesterday that i was 12 weeks and just starting to show?? i am feeling great and i am very hopeful about taking this pregnancy to full-term. 6 short weeks until "anything is game". Madelynn is kicking and stretching just about all day now and i have felt her hiccup a few times. i can tell that she is still head down and pushing on my bladder. :) that's always a joy! haha.

i will do my best to post new pictures of the twins as soon as i get time. sitting at the computer just isn't that comfortable at this point. take care and have a safe weekend!


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