August 16, 2009

My Life...RIGHT NOW!

with bed rest just around the corner, i am finding myself in a daily pattern. there are certain things that i do, watch or eat on almost a daily basis. SO, here are a few staples in my life...RIGHT NOW!

i first joined this website as a young mother of twins, but now that i am pregnant, i am addicted to talking to other moms-to-be. what are they experiencing, what is normal, how is everyone else feeling, any i the only one?!? its by far my favorite way to waste time while the twins are sleeping!!

My Little Pony
as a mother to 2 year old twin girls, i knew it was only a matter of time before they became insanely addicted to some TV show or movie. the girls each received a My Little Pony doll for their 2nd birthday and have been obsessed ever since. they now request to watch the movie and spend all afternoon singing and dancing in front of the TV.

McDonald's Cinnamon Melts
a lot has changed since i was craving sour and spicy its all fresh and sweet treats for me!! my favorite quick eat right now is cinnamon melts, and they are delicious!! :)

Big Brother & Big Brother After Dark
i have watched this show from season 1 and i can't help but continue!! the sad part is that its also on every night on Showtime 2 where you can watch an unrated, unedited and real look into the house.

sadly, there is no new news on Johnny, but i am sure he is doing just fine. the last time i talked to him he said it was around 30-40 degrees where he was and he was standing many watches on the flight deck. aka: he is freezing his butt off! it seems as though his email is down every other day so its been a little difficult to talk to him, but i will do my best to keep everyone updated!! :)


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