August 8, 2009

Long time, No blog...
im 30 weeks today and i have officially made my first and most important goal! i know it sounds silly to some, but coming this far almost seemed unreachable in the beginning. i am already a few days past where i was when my water broke with the twins and just a few days shy of when they were born (30w3d). the fact that i have kept this baby in my own little incubator this long is outstanding in my eyes!! that's not to say that i haven't had my share of difficulties...
i FINALLY got my Rho-gam shot yesterday and as i was sitting there, i was informed that i had to be admitted to the ER for having a high heart rate (almost 130). i honestly feel like it was a few hours and lots of money waisted. they finally let me leave about 5 hours later after blaming everything on a UTI that my OBGYN already knew i had. UGH! i do have to say that something good came out of the deal...another ultrasound! we found out that the baby is growing right on track and weighs a whopping 2lbs 11oz right now, which is more than Alyssa was at birth. i also learned another little tid bit...the baby has a patch of hair on the back of her head. i swear, i about choked when the tech told me this and i even started to argue with her. my girls STILL don't have much hair and they are 2. there is no way that this little girl will come out with ANY hair...but i guess we will see here soon. i would ♥lovelovelove♥ to have a baby with a full head of hair and be able to force her to wear bows from day one. haha!
i think that i feel fine, but my body seems to be telling me different. i am still having occasional contractions and new pains ALL over. i was even prescribed a med to stop any and all contractions if they persist. :( my new goal is 37 weeks...which is obviously only 7 weeks away.
why is that??
that is the day that Johnny flies into Illinois. that is also the day that Madelynn will be considered full-term. as far as i am concerned...anything after that day is fair game! haha. not to mention that the Apple'N'Pork Festival is that weekend too. ;)
here is an old pic of me from about a week and a half ago...i think.
i can't believe how big they are all getting!
Allison Leanne
again with the 3 older kids...
Allie & I
:( my nephew has been sporting a "tail" for a little over a year now...
we finally convinced him to CUT IT OFF!! haha
SO much better...if i say so, myself!
sharing a cool treat on a hot night...
she is such a WONDERFUL big cousin!!

now for something a little more serious...

i received a disturbing email from Johnny the other night saying that he and two of his friends were robbed at gun-point while at a port in Brazil. yes, you read that correctly!! i think every muscle in my body froze as i read the first two sentences and then it took everything i had to slowly walk away from the computer and regain what little composure i had left. luckily Johnny was in a group of three and there were only two others. one had a knife and grabbed Johnny's friend, the other had a gun and grabbed Johnny. i believe it was then that Johnny hit the guy and ran, leaving the man to grab Johnny's other friend. naturally, Johnny ran as fast as he could and hid...getting away unharmed and safe. his friends weren't quite as lucky. one got a little cut up and they both lost a few hundred dollars, their iPhones, military IDs and all their credit cards. my heart aches for these men, but i can't help but feel relieved and blessed that Johnny was able to escape and get away.

im not sure if i have mentioned it before, but in my marriage, i seem to be a slight more religious than Johnny. i pray multiple times a day and feel very strongly about my beliefs (i won't go into detail). i have never felt comfortable pushing anything onto Johnny and i feel that if given the space and the right encouragement, he will come around on his own time. well, it wasn't until recently that i have noticed Johnny ASKING for prayer and saying that KNEW and was THANKFUL that someone was praying over him. he now openly talks about his relationship with God and that makes me beam with pride. i just want to thank everyone for the love, support and prayer they have given Johnny over that last few weeks as he has been away from home. i know, without a doubt, that you all had an impact in the outcome of Johnny's mis-happenings the other night. Johnny even mentioned that he felt like someone was there with him, looking over him. it means so much to us! thank you.

like i said above, only 7 short weeks until Johnny is here in Illinois...which means only 5 short weeks until he safe and sound in California. time seems to be flying by and i couldn't be more happy about that!! also, to my surprise, Johnny was able to call home again tonight. (he is starting to spoil me) we had a nice little conversation and he was even able to chit chat with the twins a little too.

please have a safe and enjoyable weekend as you take in this AMAZING weather!!

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