August 20, 2009

are you ready?...

as promised, here are some pictures from the last few weeks. i do apologize for the HUGE time gap of missing pics, but this should more than make up for it. :)

Allison is more rambunctious that EVER! she is talking more and more and can say literally just about everything you ask her. she is really into tickling everyone and playing house. i don't think a moment goes by that she isn't playing "mommy", whether it be with a baby doll, duck or pony! she is such a sweetheart and a HUGE part of my life.
Alyssa seems to be a tad more mature than her sister lately. she is still her same old ornery, feisty outgoing self, but she is such a good listener and follower of directions! if there is a task to be done, Alyssa is the one to ask! she is constantly playing dress up and giggling when she isn't getting naked and sneaking some chips out of the pantry. :)
my little girls are getting so big and i'm having a hard time accepting that. i am just trying to enjoy every ounce of time that i have with them before the new baby gets here. they will always be my little darlings!

Alyssa & mommy
Allison is playing "mommy" and feeding her baby as Alyssa is hypnotized my the TV! haha, so typical!
still feeding her baby...
little Allison Leanne @ State Farm Park
Nana & her sweet Alyssa
they were going CRAZY!
Mommy & Allison... with Alyssa
Allison was FINALLY standing still for me least she was in the water this time!!
ALYSSA...aka: my little water baby!
always on a mission

a goofy pic my mom took of me while i was laying on my side.
(my fully energetic nephew!)
i was attempting to burn off some of that stored energy of his
he gets super bashful around my belly, but my mom was able to sneak in and capture this rare moment between the two of us.
my big ole belly @ 30 weeks and some odd days!
life is getting easier by the day!! the girls are now into holding hands and walking as a pair. it really makes traveling with them by myself doable. believe or not, they even listen when i say no, stop, turn around, come back and sit/stand still. i am SO lucky to be the mother of these beautiful angels!
Johnny's grandparents were in town and got the meet the twins for the first time!!
the girls were loving on their grandma & grandpa for a bit!
they ♥♥ them so much!
Allie-gator was having a little fun with her Papa

my lovely momma and her sister, Deniece
Johnny's grandma invited me and the kids to a carnival at her church a few weeks back. there were snow-cones, cotton candy and moon bounces! i took this opportunity to let my nieces get out of the house and have a little fun. here they are right before i let them run loose...

Breanna & Emma

the girls were really enjoying all of the sweets
as you can see from all of the photos, its been a very long and crazy couple of weeks. everything is about to slow down as i go on bed rest this weekend and the kids start school TOMORROW! i will be taking Breanna and Emma to school and then its off to the couch for me. im not exactly looking forward to being trapped in the house as the last few summer days pass us by, but i have found a few things to keep me busy. i have started to crochet!! i know, i sounds lame, but i am super duper excited! :) i have started making Madelynn a little dark/deep purple blanket and i must say, i'm doing pretty good. it was very frustrating to learn at first, but with a little help from my mom, im nearly a pro at this point! haha. ;)

i got a call from Johnny today and had a WONDERFUL 45 minute convo with him. he sounds fantastic and is just trying to stay focused on his fast approaching homecoming into San Diego. they are at port right now, but that's about all the info i feel comfortable giving at the moment. he got to talk to both of his little girls and hear them say many many sentences and comments. Allison even told him that she loved him and tried to tickle him through the phone...she is so predictable sometimes. haha.

we have officially started planning my baby shower!! my mom is really looking forward to doing this for me. i have to say that i feel a little weird having a second one when my girls are only two, but its a great way to hang out with everyone before i have to leave and who couldn't use extra baby stuff?!?! anyway, its planned for Monday, September 14th. if you wanna come then just email me and i can give you all the info!

im feeling alright! i think i may be coming down with something, probably what my mom had last week. ugh! :( the baby is doing great though...still moving ALL the time! my last Dr.s appointment went wonderfully and a lot better than i was expecting. they have decided not to put me on the P17 shots just yet, but are glad that i am going on bed rest. i finally got my medical records from the Navy Hospital (they are a joke) and we got a 100% green light on the whole VBAC, natural birth, water birth agenda! i am SO SO SO excited about everything and i am actually looking forward to the whole experience. they are going to pencil in a c-section date just in case i don't go into labor on time. its not the route i want to go, but i have to be back in California in time for Johnny's ship commissioning on the 24th. i promised him i would be there and i have no intentions on missing it.

i don't want to sound like an emotional wreck, but...
some days it feels like he has been gone forever and won't be back any time soon. :( i can't even begin to explain what it feels like to miss your best friend so much and so often. only another military wife could truly understand how i am feeling. i guess the pregnancy hormones don't help the situation at all. i hate that he is missing out on so much of this pregnancy and won't remember this precious time like he does with my previous pregnancy. i can only pray that he makes in home in time to feel Madelynn kick one last time before we celebrate her entrance into this world. the bottom line, i am helpless without him and i want him home!


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