August 25, 2009

i just wanted to share a few pics of my brother working hard with
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

he is right in the middle...he's the red head! :)
you can barely see him, but he is there!! he is the day the house went up. he was there volunteering from 4 am to 7am the following day!!
bed rest is officially NOTHING its cracked up to be. there is nothing worse than not being able to pick up your children as they come running towards you with huge smiles and open arms. :( im working on it and taking it one day at a time. im feeling myself getting more and more tired as the days go by. i've been lucky enough to sleep in the last few days and i sometimes even get a nap. woot-woot! my stomach feels great with the exception of her resting on my bladder and stabbing my right hip all day long. haha. Madelynn is so active and i swear she never stops moving. i really really hope this is NOT a sign of what she will be like after she is born. :) i made a poor decision to have a glass of orange juice right before i went to bed last night (midnight) and the little punk didn't stop moving until around 3 am. i sat there for 3 hours watching my stomach go lopsided as i felt her roll over and do flips.
Johnny is currently on his way to his third and final port before heading back to San Diego. he is doing great, as always, and really looking forward to getting home. i booked his plane ticket yesterday and i am SO excited. its 100% official...he'll be here in less than 5 weeks and hopefully just in time to welcome this beautiful baby girl of ours into the world. for the moment i am trying to stay busy by thinking about my baby shower, making Maddie's blanket and renting lots of movies!! my mom and i are also making my belly cast sometime over the next two weeks which i am THRILLED about. we went to the craft store and bought all of our supplies and now we are just waiting on the right time. i want it to be done in time to display it at my baby shower, but i want to go as long as i can before i make it so my belly is nice and huge!! haha. i am really looking forward to having this memory to look back on.
Breanna and Emma are doing great with school and they are even enjoying riding the bus. they come home and are so excited to tell us all about their day. they are so grown up and getting very independent.
that's about it for headed back to the couch!!

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