July 21, 2009

i had my 4D ultrasound yesterday and i wanted to share some of the pictures with you all. i took my mom and two nieces, Breanna & Emma, with me to share in the experience. we got to see Madelynn for about 2 1/2 hours but because she was facing my back, we didn't get many good facial pictures. it wasn't until Breanna & Emma sang her their ABC's 2 hours into it that she decided to finally move. not only was she facing my back, but she wouldn't keep her arms/hands out of her face. she is truly an ornery one!!

isn't she beautiful?!
she wasn't having it!
her little footsie!
i emailed the pictures to Johnny as soon as we walked through the front door yesterday and he was able to see for himself what a beautiful little girl we are going to have. he loved the pictures and i think it made him want to come home even more. as i was laying there for the ultrasound i couldn't help but want October to come as quick as possible so i could hold her and tell her how much we all love her. at one point she even held up three little fingers, curling her thumb and pointer finger...why is that so significant?? that is how Johnny and i tell each other "i love you"! my first reaction was to then hold up four fingers in response ("i love you too"). in a way, it made me feel like Johnny was right there with us the whole time. it was very sweet.
Johnny wanted me to let everyone know that he is doing great. he took his test for is "Air" pin and scored a 92%. his board should be this Wednesday (our anniversary) and he has been using every minute of his spare time to study for it. i am sure he will do wonderfully, but you know Johnny, he is ALWAYS nervous about stuff like this. please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he will need the extra comfort of knowing we are thinking about him. i guess they went through a pretty bad storm last night, but everything is fine and Johnny said he even preferred to sleep that way. the gentle rocking of the ship has its way of putting him to sleep better. :)

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