July 23, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Johnathon Stone
happily, Johnny and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary yesterday. we couldn't be together for obvious reasons, but i did wake up to TWO emails reminding me that he loved me and is missing his FOUR girls so much. when i first told someone that it had been three years, i was shocked at how long that sounded. it wasn't until i started replaying everything that we have been through, that i realized it feels like its been an eternity. we are over 5 years of dating, three years of marriage, 2 1/2 children, many separations and lots of love closer to FOREVER. <3

despite everything, Johnny is still and will forever be my best friend. he was the first guy that i truly felt like myself around and to this day i know that he loves me for me and all that comes along with that. we laugh together, we cry together, we fight together and most of all...we make some gorgeous babies!

i can honestly say that three years ago today, i NEVER expected to STILL be a military wife. i 100% thought that we would be settled in a small house here in Illinois raising our children and living the civilian life. i guess God knew better, because we are still and will probably always be a military family. this is something that has weighed heavily on my heart since probably our wedding day. i have thought out and listed all of my pros and cons and

at the end of the day...
...my husband is not only good at what he does, he loves what he does!
...our children are happy, healthy and very much loved!
...we are a strong couple who are proudly standing on our own and making a life for ourselves!

i can say that i am not 100% sure what is in store for us in the future, but i do know that we fully put that decision in the hands of God and trust in Him completely.


i had another dr.s appointment yesterday as well and learned some interesting information. i have lost 1lb over that last two weeks somehow and that now puts me to a total of 3lbs gained total. my dr. didn't seem to be worried about this at all, but i can't seem to wrap my head around it. i eat ALL the time...and not exactly the most healthy of foods. due to my sciatica, i can no longer go on walks with the kids or even do the dishes for long periods of time. i truly spend the majority of my day on the couch! i have also been having some menstrual like cramping and come to find out, i'm having contractions! i also learned that i have a UTI which can also bring on pre-term labor. ugh!! im now under strict orders to stay off of my feet, drink plenty of water and eat lots of iron enriched foods...
yes, i am also anemic!

i guess in the end, its not so bad. it just means less time with my girls and more time stuck in the house. last night, i gave the twins their bath for the last time until Madelynn gets here. with any luck they won't notice any change in me or my role around the house.

i must say that i am feeling great overall and i am just blessed to have so much help around the house and with the twins. everyone has been so helpful and i am very appreciative!


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Margaret said...

Shaun, congratulations on your 3 years of married bliss! I can imagine how happy you were to get those emails : ) I ws glad to read the comments you made about your relationship with him and even giggled at your comment "and make some gorgeous babies together" - you sure do!! It's amazing how much life plans can change from day to day and month to month and even moreso year to year - Tristan and I never thought we'd be civilians again but when the CG decided to react the way they did to our younger twin son's health issues we had no other choice and it pains me to this day, I miss military life!! But everything happens for a reason and I'm happy we're home and that I can work and help support our family and he can achieve the dream he's had since at least 2006 - to be a teacher .... God only gives us as much as we can handle and while at times we may not like it His plan is great in the long run!

I'm also happy to read about your progress in your pregnancy! While I'm not quite sure what sciatica is, I know anemia! I was and still am anemic .... I'm taking regular daily vitamins and get headaches if I don't take them and hated sitting down doing nothing! At first it was ok, there was stiff online I could do and TV to watch and movies .... But eventually my butt got sore and TV, movies and internet were boring .... One of the many reasons to keep me from thinking of another baby in the future! Although .... Tristan DID mention today .... MT was hitting him .... and he loked straight at MT and told him to please stop, that there's a possibility the boys would get a sibling someday .... and MT's reaction was priceless - shocked look and squeal and then he looked right at me to see if I'd heard his daddy .... I just laughed! As far as I've thought I wasn't sure I wanted another child .... I don't want another boy and I don't want more than one at a time again .... I used to want a little girl a LOT but after seeing the way teen girls in AK acted and seeing how a lot of the teen girls act here that I cashier to at work I'm not sure I want to deal with more female hormones and all besides my own! And all my mommy friends like you and some girls I went to school with have at least one girl .... so I have several "nieces" .... and IDK if I really want to go through pregnancy again .... so hopefully whenever Tristan decides he's been thinking of having another I'll be ok with it too .... Anyways, what a ramble!! I also had a few UTIs while I was pregnant and never knew til I was at the hospital in labor!! So I guess being pregnant raised my pain tolerance quite a bit! Oh, BTW, what another beautiful name you've chosen for your 3rd daughter!! Can't wait to see pics when she's born!!

Anyways, take care and as always, thanks for sharing your thoughts on here, I enjoy it so much!!

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