July 17, 2009

-27 weeks-
well, this is the last week of my second trimester and i can't seem to figure out where the time as gone. Madelynn should be weighing in around 2lbs now and measuring just about 15 inches. she is moving all the time and making it harder and harder to sleep. she HATES when i sleep on my side...and believe me, she lets it be known. i have gained a total of 5lbs so far this pregnancy and i am feeling better than ever. i am aware of what my limits are and the hardest part of my day is making myself slow down. on the days when i am particularly active, i notice my ankles starting to swell...JOY! luckily, its only when i am on my feet for long periods of time and it can be monitored. i had my dreaded glucose test today and it wasn't bad at all. the flavor was fruit punch this time (opposed to orange) and it was actually kind of good. i should get my test results back sometime in the next few weeks when i have my next appointment. i am also having my 4D ultrasound next week and i am VERY excited about it. its a little costly :( but worth every cent. i really wish Johnny were here to be able to share the experience, but we will be getting a 20 min. DVD of the whole thing for him to watch when he gets home. im not sure who all is going at the moment, but it should be a great day!
i was lucky enough to receive a wonderful changing table and cradle from my aunt that i can use for Madelynn. they were white, but after both twins having white, i decided that i wanted to mix things up and paint them black. it took 2 days to do, but here is the finished product...
obviously this was just as they were getting finished!!

here is a picture of the changing table after i had a chance to put some of Madelynn's things away.
i just had to throw in this beautiful picture of my nieces!
Emma & Breanna
i've been brainstorming a lot lately as to how we are going to decorate the twins' room when we get back home. they are, after all, big girls now who are going to be needing big girl beds sooner than i would like to admit. i decided to go out and purchase two canvases and let them have a little fun. they seemed to love my idea and had a blast. here is their art work...
Alyssa's is on the left; Allison's is on the right!
i also plan on doing two more for each (one for hand prints, the other for feet prints).
i haven't heard too much more from Johnny lately. i just know that he is working VERY hard and long hours. he said that he is usually "off" around 7 every night but chooses to teach a class and work on training/licensing afterwards. that gets him to bed around midnight ever night!! i did receive an email late last night telling me that as soon as he got to work that morning he was sent to see the Maintenance Officer. the MO the proceeded to tell him that he was doing an outstanding job at work and that it WAS being noticed by several people and that it wouldn't go un-noticed. he was then told that he had the day off and was going to go on a "field trip". the MO took him to the tip top of the ship (sorry, i don't know my lingo. haha) and after a little training, he got to DRIVE THE SHIP! he was so excited about it. after that adventure, the MO took him down to the very bottom of the ship and Johnny got to see EVERYTHING. it sounded like he had a great day and i only feel bad for not being able to tell the story very well.
words cannot express how much i love my husband and how proud me makes me. i do my best to remind him everyday that he is the hardest worker i know and full of determination. hard work never goes un-noticed and when persistent, you will be rewarded!

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