July 12, 2009

Johnny's view from the...


i woke up this morning to a very pleasant surprise...PICTURES!! as every military wife knows, you are either sleeping with your phone or checking your email every 10 seconds for any kind of news from your loved one. like every morning, i went straight to my computer where i found some amazing pictures of my husband, his friends and a beautiful view. i only ask that as you are looking at these photos, please keep the men and woman who serve this country in your thoughts and prayers. please remember all of those who are over seas, on the sea, or even in the states that make living in this country so wonderful. most of all, please remind yourself that


my husband (and many others) is away from his family so that you may be "free".

i will be the first to admitt that i have no idea what the green means, i just know that he has to wear it while being on the flight deck.

take care and God bless, xoxo

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