June 18, 2009

Disciplining Your Children?!

what is right?? and what is wrong?? how far is too far and what is the appropriate punishment for certain actions?? these are few questions that i ask myself almost daily. as a mother of not only toddlers, but TWINS, it comes up a lot. i don't necessarily consider myself pro-spanking, but there are times when i feel that it is needed.

(example: whenever your child puts him or herself in danger after being told repeatedly that what they are doing is wrong.)

i, personally, find that talking firmly, staying consistent, giving time-outs and the occasional hand smack works for me. i try to limit the hand smacks for obvious reasons, but nonetheless, it's used.

Being a "MOTHER" to Your Children?!

technically anyone can be a mother if they wish, but what makes a woman a "MOTHER"? is it the hours of labor you endure while giving birth to your little one? or is it the bond that is created through weeks, months and years of mending boo-boos, kissing scraped knees, endless hugs and kisses, and always being supportive??

i can only hope that when my daughters are older they will think back on their childhood and realize that they were always my top priority and i will continue to be their #1 fan. it feels like everyday the girls are learning something new and i can't even explain the joy that i feel when i see that look of accomplishment on their little faces. the sparkle in their eyes (if you know them, then you know what i am talking about), the ear-to-ear grins, their little hands clapping...it's what keeps me going. it's what makes me realize that i am doing a good job.

"He who lives in a glass house shouldn't throw stones."
especially when the glass around them is clearly already shattered!


Johnny will be home exactly one week from today and OMGoodness OMGoodness!!! i am so excited. today is a really important day for Johnny as they have him running drills and being tested. please keep him in your prayers today and next week so that he may have a safe flight home.

another little tid bit of good news. rumors have it that Johnny may be going up for Sailor of the Quarter, yet again!! its all still up in the air at the moment, but i will keep you posted.

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