June 16, 2009

22 weeks

wow, 22 weeks already?! it doesn't' seem so bad until i get to thinking about how my water broke @ 29 weeks with the twins. of course, that was probably (hopefully) only because i was carrying two...its still scary to think about all of that happening again. my goal at the moment is 30 weeks. i guess i feel like i've "been there, done that" and can handle things at that point. my long term goal is to get to at least 36 weeks and have a fat, healthy and full-term baby!! :) i think the craziest thing about this pregnancy is that she is 10 times more active than both Alyssa and Allison were together. i was watching TV yesterday and about peed my pants because she was moving so much. i swear it feels like she is doing cartwheel after cartwheel and then throws in a jab right behind my belly button. my belly button even "tickles" at times because there is so much movement back there. i have even started feeling the kicks from the outside because of their incredible strength. if anything, i am worried that i am about to have another Alyssa on my hands. yes, i love her with all of my heart, but something you need to realize with her is that she is the definition of a DIVA...and a feisty independent one at that! lately she has been giving me this look of death. i swear she is talking through her eyes and saying things like "now why would you do that?" "did you see what he did?" "HOW DARE YOU"!! haha. she even tilts her head to the side and glares at you with her folded, stressed out wrinkles in her forehead. :) she is a hoot!

anyway, the pregnancy is going great! i feel better now than i have the whole time. my back isn't giving me as much problems lately and i even feel like daring a walk!! (omgoodness) haha. i have now come to the point where i sleeping on my side is very uncomfortable and i am forced to sleep on my back. at least i made it this long, with the twins, this transition took place around 4 months. all of the kids have started referring to my belly as a "her" or "she" which is really cute. they even fight over who is going to hold the stuffed animal to my belly as we play the music. haha. the twins have even started to kiss my belly on their own instead of being asked. it seems like following every kiss they give me, they insist on kissing the belly too.

the 3 older kids (nieces and nephew) are at vacation bible school all this week so i am able to have a little quiet time. luckily they are gone while the twins take their nap. its so ideal!! today was crazy hair day and tomorrow is mis-matched day. needless to say, they are having a blast.

we are down to 10 days until Johnny is here and i think everyone in the house is on pins and needles waiting. especially the kids (all 5) are excited to see him walk through the door. our chain countdown, that started with 40 links, is withering away to nothing!! speaking of Johnny, he has been extremely busy lately. they have him running drills for the defense force this week. he has been training the sailors for a few months now and they are finally being tested with 16 drills a day for 5 more days. i didn't hear from him yesterday until 11:45pm and it was a very short conversation. i can't blame him for being tired. he is such a hard worker. i am beyond thrilled to see him next week, but also a little scared and nervous. its starting to sink in that the next time i see him, i will be giving birth to our little girl. :)/:( everything just seems like it is going to happen so fast...wish me luck!!


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