June 19, 2009

YES, i am a proud mother to fraternal twin girls! twin toddlers to be exact. i rarely (or that is how it feels) bring up the daily challenges we face because of it. i find that with twins, my main problem (or complaint) is that they are obviously the same age and have the same needs and wants...at the same time! you can't explain to your older child that the "baby" doesn't understand. they both don't understand the same things...like sharing and patience. it doesn't matter what the toy may be, or if they have the EXACT same toy, 9 times out of 10 they want what the other one has. this probably sounds a lot like common sibling rivalry, but when you can't explain things to either of them, it gets frustrating.
you also get the "tag-team" effect with them. do NOT underestimate the destruction that the two of them can cause when given the right situation, empty room and ammo. haha. i often even refer to them as the "twinados" as they leave quite the trail of mess and devastation. :) i can't even remember or count the number of poop "paintings" i have cleaned off of their crib. (usually only because i had to put them together on a rare occasion) i couldn't tell you the number of diapers that were waisted because Alyssa taught Allison (or helped her) rip her diaper off after first taking off her own. i will probably never know the number of times that i have had to choose who to chase after as one darts for the road as the other runs down the hill to the creek. who do you go after first? who is in more danger?
my reason for bringing this all up is i have quite the stash of photos that show just how ornery and fun loving my little girls can be.
Allison....this picture says it all!
Welcome to My Life!

we opened up the pool this week and here a few photos of the girls playing as the water was being brought in.

Breanna & Emma, my beautiful nieces!
posing with Aunt Marina


looking cute in her hat!
i just lovelovelove the faces she gives!
Alyssa looking at the picture of her Daddy
eating their scrambled eggs...yummo!
"hi Mom!"
having fun while the big kids were at vacation bible school
Allison Leanne
hey blue eyes!
this is what you get when you ask to see her eyes! haha
looking like her Dad more and more everyday!
hugs & kisses are the new "thing" :)
Emma & I
playing with bubbles with their Papa
they were having a blast
they love him SO much
Mommy and Allison
she is so silly...something is always in her hair
I'm sorry i don't have more to report, i just figured i was long overdue for some pictures!! i hope you all enjoy them as much as i have. please have a fun, happy and safe weekend!!

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rameelin said...

always LOVE seeing pictures of the girls. They are so cute! You look cute as well. I completely understand what you're saying in this post because even though mine are 13 months apart, they might as well have been twins. gah. hard work I tell ya! I didnt know you guys have a pool...way fun!

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