May 22, 2009

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!!

- i went out and got the twins a little pool the other day and they are in love♥♥ here are a few pictures of the last few days...including a few pregnancy pics!

the whole gang

johnathan and alyssa

johnathan, alyssa and alex

johnathan and alyssa looks like she is pointing the water gun @ her sister...i swear they STILL don't understand how to work them. haha

haha, alyssa

omg...such a funny girl

allison was more of a watch and see kind of girl that day...she wasn't liking the splashing water! haha...

johanthan, emma and alex


allison leanne

pretty little allie

alyssa kay

feeding their babies



17 weeks
another view of 17 weeks
18 weeks and 2 days
(i could be off by a day or two)
-God Bless

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