May 2, 2009

- i have officially been writing this blog for two weeks. haha...-
the last 18 weeks have flown by so fast that i am having a hard time believing its been that long. the baby is about 5.6in in length and 6.7oz in weight. isn't that just amazing!?! the baby is getting more and more mobile and yawning, hiccuping, rolling, twisting, kicking, punching, sucking and swallowing. i can even feel the movements from the inside. its so nice to have that reminder of the miracle that is happening inside of me every single day. i will do my best to post some new pictures of the belly tomorrow...i'm feeling a bit lazy at the moment. i am feeling extremely tight and HUGE lately! i feel as though the baby is already in my ribs (even though that just can't be true at this point) and i know that i am already going to carry this baby high! i have yet to gain any weight, but haven't lost anymore either. i have been eating a little more lately and have even had a few wings, war heads, tomatoes, sweet and sour sauce from McDonald's, and LEMONS! haha. i saw my doctor a few weeks ago and he recommend a water birth because of the pain i have been having in my back. i am so excited to give it a shot and have this amazing life experience. i have also decided to ..... ATTEMPT to go drug free as long as i can. they say that a water birth is really good with pain management and i would like to see exactly how much my body can handle. i just like the idea of letting my body do what it was made for. wish me luck! ;) my doctor also said that i am measuring a bit large...but i could have guessed that. i go back in on June 10th for my 21 week u/s and find out the sex of the baby. i am nervous, excited and happy...but i guess also a little sad that Johnny won't be here to experience it with me. i am having the doctor write the sex of the baby on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope so Johnny can be the first person to know the sex of the baby. at least this way he can feel like a small part of this pregnancy. my appetite is slowly getting better and i have actually been WANTING to eat. haha. i still have yet to gain any i am right on track where i wanted to be. i have to say that i am shocked that i haven't started gaining even a little at this point. i guess every pregnancy really is different.

the twins are fantastic and getting so smart. they are talking more and more and are constantly shocking me with their vocabulary. Alyssa even looked at her sister yesterday and said "bad girl" and pointed her little finger at her. haha. i about died!! haha. i guess i should start watching what i say and do around them. :) they are both interested in the whole potty training adventure, but neither has perfected it. sometimes they squeeze their legs together and try to tell me they have to go...but 9 times out of 10 its too late. other times they just run to the bathroom and try to take off their pants...but again, its too late. haha. i guess when they are ready they will just let me know. until then, i am liking the lazy route. i have to say that i just don't have the energy to always have them both on the toilet. haha. i did go out and buy them the little seat to set on top of the big toilet. they seem to like that a lot better than their little potty seat. i should have known that though...from the day she was born, Alyssa has been a DIVA! :)

Johnny is also doing great. he is still in Mississippi at the moment and working hard. i don't get to talk to him as much as i would like, but that's life. he has long hours and then has a small second job on the side working on forklifts. haha. he is such a mechanic and that will never change. i know he is missing his little girls and really missing out on this pregnancy. he tries to talk to the girls whenever he gets the chance (they love and miss him so much) and is always asking about me and my ever growing belly. i think he was in shock when i emailed him a picture of my belly the other day. i just don't think he was prepared for what he saw. haha. he last saw me i was a simple 10 weeks or so. now, two months later, things have really changed!

i have been helping my dad outside as much as i can. we are having a blast. we planted some wild flowers, small shrubs, solar lights, a rose bush, made a new mail box stand and stained it, painted my mom wishing well....the list goes on. i will try to get pictures up soon. this weekend we are painting the trim around the windows and doors outside. i obviously can help too much being pregnant, i will do my very best to supervise!! haha. :) we are also starting to get the pool ready this weekend. putting in the chemicals and starting to get is vacuumed out. it is going to be a lot of work, but i am really looking forward to it. i got the twins a little pool yesterday and they are loving it. the weather has been outstanding lately and we were more than ready to get out of the house.

Emma is done with school and Breanna will be here in a few weeks. i can't believe how big they are getting! the two of them AND Johnathan will all be in school next year...that is so scary! haha. where has time gone?!

here are a few older pictures that were taken...i even have a few Easter ones i wanted to throw in there...(that is why Johnny is in a few!)

Papa and the kids!
getting so BIG!
Alyssa Kay
Allison Leanne
little Johnny Jr.
Alyssa and her Nana Papa and Allie
hehe :)
Alyssa trying on Johnathan's helmet
Easter Morning

-God Bless

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