May 27, 2009

i got to talk to Johnny for quite a bit the other day and it sounds like he is doing great. he spent the weekend in Panama City, Fl with a few of his friends and even got a hotel room for the night. it was the first night in a long time that he was able to sleep in. he was even thrilled about the fact that he was able to roll over without falling out of his bunk. hehe. its the small stories and comments that he shares with me that make me miss and love him all the more. he has such a huge heart and strong work ethic...he is everything i could ask for. (if only he weren't a military man and gone all the time. lol) he even got to see the twins on web cam the other day. that was just awesome!! i feel like he just doesn't understand how big the girls are getting...he now "gets" it. he was able to see them close up and also watch them play together from afar. i can't wait for him to be here in almost 30 days. he is only going to be here for a short time, but i plan on making sure we spend EVERY.SINGLE.DAY at a park of some kind. this trip is not about Johnny and i, its about him and his little girls. this will be the last time he is able to hang out with his beautiful daughters without the hassle of a newborn. he is coming home for one purpose only...their 2nd birthday. its important to us that we are BOTH in their birthday photos and share this memory with them.

speaking of the twins, they are wonderful!! i know, i know...i haven't blogged as much lately as i have in the past and i am sure everyone is wondering how my day goes with ALMOST (they are still my babies) 2 year old twins.
the girls wake up around 8ish every morning and i, of course, have to drag myself out of bed to get my 100% naked children our of their cribs. yes, they are pretty much always naked, naked, naked. on a rare occasion they might still have their shirts on...just backwards or half way. :) i then have to "herd" them to the living room making sure they don't escape from my view and dart into my moms room screaming "Nana, Nana, Nana" and "Nana sleeping!" by this time my nephew is usually awake and helps me "baby proof" the house. you see, there are so many people coming and going that we are constantly checking to make sure that doors are shut, gates are up, cabinets closed, and NOTHING on the floor. UGH! we eat breakfast...usually a waffle or some scrambled eggs and then its off to watch some cartoons. by 10 o'clock i am more than ready to put the little twinadoes down for a nap. with any luck they will be down until 12:45 when its time for lunch and lots of playing!! hehe. the rest of the day is pretty much a chaos of cooking, feeding hungry little bird babies (they literally stand there with their mouths open) changing diapers, shutting doors, chasing 5 kids under 6 (nieces and nephew too) and getting little to no rest.
needless to say, i am exhausted by 7pm when its bath and bed time!
i am feeling pretty good overall. i do feel like something is always stiff or hurting. if it isn't my back, its growing pains or i'm puking. (which, YES, still hasn't gone away completely!) i guess the reason i feel so much better is the fact that i am no longer nauseous and can stand the smell of almost everything. the baby has been SO active lately and i can tell the it is getting bigger and stronger. what used to be a small flutter or more of a squirm and even a hard kick at this point. i still can't feel it from the outside :( but i sure can feel it on the inside. i think the baby hates to be squished at all because it is usually the most active when the twins or Emma are leaning against my belly. i guess its just marking its territory. i swear the baby kicked so hard today that i was shocked it didn't kick Emma right off of my lap. haha. i think i have gained 1lb back so far, which is fabulous. i see the dr. again on the 10th of June and i am looking forward to hearing what he has to say. the more i think about having an all natural water birth, the more excited i get. of course i am nervous to give birth (twins were a c-section) but i know my mom and Johnny will be great and help me pull through. i am actually really looking forward to the adventure i am about to take and i couldn't be more thrilled. hopefully, God willing, Johnny will make it back in time for the birth!!
that's about it for now...take care and best wishes!!
God Bless

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