May 30, 2009

We're Halfway Done!

i seriously cannot believe that this journey is halfway over already. i can't help but feel a little torn on the idea. part of me is sad that it is going by so fast and when i think of this being my last pregnancy, i want to enjoy it as much as possible. on the other hand i am aware of the fact that...the sooner the baby is here, the sooner Johnny is home and we can be a family again. i guess the fact that i am just dieing to see and hold the baby is a big one too. haha. i find out in about a week and half what the sex of the baby is...omgoodness omgoodness!! (don't forget it's going into an envelope until Johnny gets here) i think i have narrowed down my nursery bedding options to one for a boy and one for a girl.

one of the worst things about this pregnancy is the fact that i am not home and cannot prepare, plan and decorate for this baby as i want to. (and believe me...I WANT TO!) haha. i absolutely cannot wait to find out the sex of the baby so i can start shopping. i was thinking the other day about the fact that i already had a lot of things for this baby...then it hit me. i don't!! all i have at this point is a car seat, swing, bassinet, and jumperoo. what about the clothes, burp clothes, bibs, hats, socks...the list goes on and on. i need to get with the program and head to the store already. in so many ways, i feel like i am a first time mother all over again!

i have been feeling the baby kick more and more lately and i am loving it. of course its a little much to get used to, but every kick is so exciting and refreshing.

the twins...i don't even know where to begin. they are the same as, crazy, loud, sweet and VERY vocal! haha. they are my life! i see them changing so much lately in small subtle ways. they are responding differently and learning to express their feelings. its exciting to watch. i think their favorite thing to say at the moment is "bad girl"...and they are usually saying it to each other. i swear they are the hardest on each other. they know when their sister is doing something wrong and they won't let one another forget it either. haha.

no new news with Johnny. he is still working working working and getting excited to come home and see the twins for their birthday. this whole year is full of exciting times and adventures. i will be glad to ring in the new year in California...maybe 2010 will be a little more calm. haha.

that's about it with the Stone clan. the twins are with Johnny's parents and i think i am getting ready to go through their clothes yet again and get things organized. take care!

God Bless

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rameelin said...

Halfway done? Holy cow it doesnt seem like it. Anyway, lets get together soon. You can bring the girls up to play/swim any day this week or next...just let me know because we are home and usually outside every day! See you soon♥

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