April 15, 2009

well, i am almost 14 weeks along in this pregnancy and feeling a lot better. (knock on wood) but i haven't gotten sick in a few days and i am hoping that is stays that way. i still have my little bits of nausea but i seem to be okay as long as there is always food in my stomach. being pregnant has really helped my eating habbits and i am hoping to keep them up. i now eat about every half hour, but sometimes its as small as a few little carrots or a few pickles. hehe! i went to my dr.s appointment last week and i am proud to announce that i have lost 3 pounds in the last month. woo-hoo for me! i have to be honest and say that i haven't been walking or even trying too hard in the last few weeks. i am lucky if i have enough energy to do my hair after a shower. the weather is getting nice outside, i am getting my energy back and my storller is calling my name.

Johnny was home last week and it was nice to see him playing with the twins again. they missed him so much! over Easter weekend we drove him down to Mississippi and even got the chance to stay in New Orleans, La. we all miss him so much and i am counting down the days until we get to see him again.

i would write more, but the girls are awake from their nap....OF COURSE! there are so many updates....stay tooned!

-God Bless

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