April 21, 2009

the twins woke up bright and early this morning @ 7:10. :( i hate those kind of mornings. my head is saying "time to get up, change diapers and be tired all day long" and my body is saying "DON'T GET UP! they'll be fine...and maybe fall back to sleep". haha. UGH! i finally dragged myself out of bed and loaded the twins into the truck to take my niece to school. its times like that when i wish Johnny were around to give a helping hand. very few people know what its like to take care of twin toddlers while pregnant with very little energy. by the time i got in the truck myself, i was completely exhausted. i was feeling a little lazy so we had McDonald's for breakfast.

(knock on wood) but i am still feeling better. that probably has a lot to do with the fact that i am officially in my second trimester! on most days i can feel my stomach muscles stretching on the inside and its nice to have that constant reminder that a baby is growing inside of me.

Johnny is in Mississippi and living on the ship. he is excited to get back to work but hating all of the hours they have him working to load the ship. there is also NO signal in the ship yard which makes it pretty hard to talk to him. he also has NO internet access at the moment. :( its not so bad though, he's pretty good at atleast saying goodnight everyday. he is missing the twins so much and i think its going to be a long 6 months for him.

the twins are doing great. they are talking more and more everyday and sometimes i wonder where they pick some of it up. we got them new big girl panties the other day and have been putting them on their potty chairs...but nothing too serious at the moment. this weekend my mom and i are going to try the 3-day method. its basically just potty training cold turkey. we have decided to do one baby at a time so i am not cleaning up urine 24/7! haha. i think Alyssa is a little more ready than Allison any way. we are basically going to be on lock down for three days as she walks around in her panties and a t-shirt. they "say" that eventually something with just "click" and she will understand. WISH ME LUCK! i will do my best to keep you updated.

i am about sick of this weather...literally. one day its almost 80 degrees and hot hot hot! the next day its either snowing or feels like it should be. my nose is like a faucet that won't shut off. i am SO ready for summer to get here!

God Bless

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