March 30, 2009

Week 11
Pregnancy Update: i am currently 11 weeks along and things are going pretty good. i have another Dr.s appointment next week and i am excited to hear the babies heart beat again. luckily Johnny will be here to enjoy it with me. :) the nausea is almost gone but i am still suffering with slight morning sickness. i can pretty much guarantee you that i am going to get sick every morning, but it comes so quickly and catches me off guard. i am still extremely tired and find it hard to even get out of bed in the mornings. i have actually been taking 1 to 2 naps a day with the twins. if you know me, you know that i am NOT a nap person. i am starting to feel VERY bloated and fat lately. i try to weigh myself regularly and keep track of any weight change (i have lost about 5lbs...even though you CAN'T tell). i feel as though i have gained 20...all in my stomach. i haven't written much lately so i forget what all i have told everyone. we have decided to have the baby vaginally instead of opting for another c-section. i guess i feel cheated out of the experience and i can't wait to bond with this baby like i didn't get to with the twins. i am really looking forward to having my family and friends waiting outside my door to hear the first cries. its all going to be so new and something that i will never forget. the last time i checked, the baby was the size of an its a LIME! holy cow! what happened?? no wonder i am so tired and feel so bloated!

. . .

the twins have been sick lately and its just about to drive me crazy. Alyssa was first with the flu. that was amazing!! she couldn't keep anything down and was running a high temperature. we made her an appointment, but of course she was feeling better by then. go figure, the next day Allison started getting sick. expect with her i think it was a cold or a virus of some sort. she got pretty bad at one point and i thought that we were in the clear, but then she woke up this morning with her eyes and nose plastered shut with dry snot! my dad decided to go in and get her out of her crib because she had slept in and i was already in the process of getting Alyssa changed. when my dad didn't come right out i went to the room to see why. he was standing there saying "Allie come here baby" and she was standing in the corner of the crib (facing the wall) crying. he then grabbed her and we realized she couldn't see and could barely breath. i felt so bad for her, but i must admit that i let out a little giggle. this will be a funny story to tell her when she is older.

the girls are really learning about their bodies. they can now point to their mouth, nose, eyes, ears, hair, hands, feet, legs, shoulders and belly! they understand everything that is said to them and for the most part they listen to most things i say. (except for Alyssa's occasional rebellious outburst) they slept in until 7:30am again today. woo-hoo! i was beyond thrilled when i looked at the clock today. i think i am going to walk my nieces to the park as soon as i get done writing this. they have been asking me FOREVER and today is actually decent outside....which is weird since it was SNOWING yesterday.

we have been to Chuck E. Cheese 4 times in the last month. i am about sick of that darn mouse. we have gone for 3 birthdays and once just because. UGH! the girls love going, but it just takes too much energy for me. haha. my sister even takes them up in the "jungle gym" play area and that is about the cutest thing i have ever seen. just seeing the smile on Alyssa's face with she sees me and i wave...its priceless and it makes me want to go back everyday.

sorry there are still no new pictures. my camera is STILL broken and its killing me. i can't stand to not have it in my hand. :( i am also sorry about not writing more. like i said in the previous post...i am just too busy. when i DO get a second to relax i WANT to RELAX. haha. the last thing i want to do is get on the computer and write about how crazy my life is at the moment. i bought my first pair of maternity pants yesterday while we were in Bloomington. they are jean capris (surprise surprise, right?) but i love them. they are so comfortable on my bloated belly.

Johnny will be leaving San Diego this time next week and i can't wait. his sister is there with him now and she will be driving home with him and keeping him company. i think he is really excited to have this one on one time with her. he doesn't get enough of that when he is home visiting and i think he was really looking forward to it. HOWEVER, he is slacking majorly in the packing department. he has one week to pack everything i will need over the next few months AND his sea bag for his deployment. (he SHOULD have had that ready a long time ago) it amazes me how i can love him so much when he is the one person that can frustrate me the MOST! i have asked him to pack for the last few days and he waited until around 6 last night to actually START. UGH! honestly! i did get a little short with him, but at least it got done. he should know me better than to wait until the last minute. i am such a control freak that i have been stressing about it and i am not even there. i can't wait to see him though and i am so excited about him being her for Easter. we have to leave Saturday night to drive to Mississippi, but he will be here to color Easter eggs and see the girls' faces as they open up their Easter baskets. we have decided to celebrate everything on Saturday morning instead of Sunday. Sunday is my brothers birthday anyway, so it all works out for the best.

well, i'm sure i left something out!!! i will try to write again soon. take care!

God Bless

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