March 18, 2009

wow, i have really been slacking in the writting department. since being in Illinois i feel like my days are non-stop! i blame my mother for this. haha. if its not a dr.s appointment for someone, its visitng someone, grocery shopping, picking up kids from school, taking the kids outside....omgosh! i also haven't posted new pictures in a long long time and that is all because my dear precious daughter Alyssa BROKE my camera the second day we arrived in Illinois. i am just waiting on Johnny to bring my camera box so i can return it.

we are officially having ONE baby this time. honestly, i am so happy and so relieved. just thinking about how much sleep i am going to get now is AMAZING. just the thought of having two again really scared me. even with the two already, having just one makes everything seem "doable".

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