March 2, 2009

Week 7

i guess i am just someone who doesn't do pregnancy well! i am miserable beyond belief. my morning sickness is now 24/7 and i can barely drag myself out of bed in the mornings. its horrible! it was during my 7th week of pregnancy with the twins that everything got i am not surprised that i am so sick. my appointment is exactly a week from today and i am getting more and more nervous. how many will they see?? will it have a heart beat?? what else could possibly go wrong?? i have so many thought going through my head that its almost hard to concentrate. i think most of all i just wish that Johnny was here. he had to miss out on all of this the first time around and surprise surprise....he is missing it again. i can't help but feel a little guilty. at least i have my mom to go with me. my appointment actually falls on her birthday so i just know its going to be a great day.
i am getting my YMCA membership today and i don't think i have been this excited since i got my positive pregnancy test! haha. i am signing up for beginning yoga and going from there. my ideal plan is to eventually be in yoga AND pilates, but i don't want to overdue my limit. i am so motivated to have a healthy pregnancy and finally drop this weight. i have been (or thought i was) motivated before but never followed through with any of it. its different this time. i can feel it. i have a real desire to get fit! not to be all cheesy, but i think this time is different because i have somewhat of a role model to look up to. it took someone else getting motivated and talking about it to light a fire for me. i think it just made me realize that anything is possible with God and a little hard work. i know that if i want this bad enough then all i have to try and i will succeed. i am also excited about the weather starting to warm up. i have mapped out a 2.5 mile plan to walk everyday with the twins. i think i may have even talked my sister-in-law into walking it with me. i want to start slow and eventually get up to 5 miles a day. i don't want to walk more than that because my worst fear is to take on more than i can handle. my number one priority is this pregnancy and as much as i want to get fit, it would mean nothing if i lost the baby. i don't think i can handle another trip to the NICU.
the twins had their first birthday party yesterday and it went great. there were so many other kids to play with and see. the best part about it all was that the girls played so hard that they not only crashed on the way home but went to bed so easily. sometimes i seriously wonder what i did to get such amazing little girls.

this is just a fun little survey that i got from my friend's page...

Feel free to take this survey and paste it to your own blog. Fill it out! It's fun.

i am:
pregnant and loving life!
i want: my children to grow up to be the best of friends and always be there for each other.
i have: the most amazing husband who would do anything for his family.
i wish: that my family could be together during the next 9 months, but i know that Johnny is doing his duty and working hard for our country.

i hate: getting up in the morning and immediately puking my guts out!
i miss: my nightly back and foot massages! :(
i hear: my little babies drinking their sippys and saying "mommy, mommy, mommy".

i wonder: if we are having one or two babies and what the sexes are.
i regret: pushing myself so hard during my pregnancy with the twins and causing them to be delivered almost 3 months early.

i am not: ashamed to be 21 and pregnant with my third child. this pregnancy was planned and very much wanted!
i dance: with my daughters EVERY SINGLE DAY of my life!
i sing: almost never....unless you count my "ABCs".

i cry: just about every 2 minutes....I'M PREGNANT! haha

i am not always: as strong as every gives me credit for. sometimes i just want to lean on someone else and not be responsible for EVERYTHING.

i make with my hands: 3 meals, lots of snacks, numerous sippys, too many dirty diapers, the best hugs and kisses....everyday!
i journal: because if makes me feel better!

i confuse: being pregnant with being lazy. i daily have to remind myself that i have another human being growing inside of me and i SHOULD be tired.
i should: have the twins dressed by now...but please reread the previous statement! lol
i start: my YMCA membership today!! i couldn't be more excited!

i finish: being unmotivated today.

today marks a change and i want to let everyone know how serious i am about it. i have set a few goals for myself and i want to write them down for everyone to see so i can't change my mind or fail....its just
not an option.
1. get a Y membership and start classes ASAP
2. as soon as weather permits, walk EVERYDAY. no exceptions! (with or without the babies)
3. gain minimal weight with this pregnancy. i have the weight to lose as i am gaining it and i would LOVE maintain my current weight throughout my pregnancy.
4. get my walking up to 5 miles a day.
5. have a full term pregnancy... NO NICU
6. i am giving myself 1 year (exactly 12 months) to get down to my "pre-twin" weight.
i know its going to be hard. i know some people have their doubts...i guess its a good thing i am the one making a change and not them. i know that with the support of family and friends i can do this. Johnny has been amazing and supports me with everything. he is such a great person and knowing that he has faith in me means the WORLD.
today is a BIG day for Johnny. he gets his evaluations today and we should find out just how soon he will be up for the E-6 test. YES, the E-6 test! he just made E-5 a year ago and he could possibly be up for E-6 in September. (knock on wood) i don't want to jinx anything. he also has a very important meeting tonight that he has been looking forward to for weeks. please keep Johnny in your prayers and think about him today. i would very much appreciate it.
God Bless

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