February 25, 2009

oh wow! its been a long few days for the girls and i. we were up @ 4am on Saturday to start our long journey to Illinois. it started off really well with both girls sleeping during the first flight and listening to everything i said. everyone around me was very generous and were more than willing to lift an extra bag or car seat for me. it was so thoughtful. the trouble began in Dallas, TX when our flight was delayed by 10 minutes. then 10 more minutes. then 15 more minutes....this was the case for FOUR HOURS! finally we learned the dreaded news that our flight had been cancelled all together. UGH! luckily i was seated next to two very lovely couple who had grandchildren of their own (not with them at the time, obviously). the girls quickly warmed up to them and even fell asleep in their arms. it was so comforting to know that there are still some people out there who are kind and selfless. when the flight was cancelled they made sure to get me on the next flight out and even got me help to my new gate. i was so moved by their generosity and will never forget their kindness on that long long day.

we finally made it to Illinois and were in bed by 1:30am. the next day was full of visiting and getting settled in. it is SO nice to be home and around the people that mean the most to me. of course the girls and i are missing Johnny so much, but we are trying to be strong and keep busy until we get to see him next month. the weather was the biggest change for us and we are still adjusting. today was actually a beautiful day and we were able to take the twins outside to play. it was so much fun. they had so much room to run around and really put my parents' swing set to good use. i think they really enjoyed just being able to run around and have no limitations. that is something that they just don't get back home.

i am feeling better. i have learned that a drink of Coke in the morning changes EVERYTHING. it really seems to get rid of my morning sickness and any nausea that may be lingering! i am still pretty tired, but with all of the family and friends around i am able to sneak in a nap or two during the day. it is so nice and something that i really need. by 10 in the afternoon and i am dragging myself around and even a 30 minute nap gives me just what i need to function.

i went by the YMCA today to apply for a membership. i think i am going to wait until Monday when they are waving the activation fee of $60. every little bit counts. i am very excited though and really looking forward to meeting new people and getting healthy. i have decided to do Yoga for sure and go from there. i can't wait to have more energy and just feel better about myself.

so much has happened since my last post and i am sure it will be the same with my next one. i will try to keep you all updated on our forever hectic fabulous lives! haha. take care

God Bless

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