February 19, 2009

Week 6

i know that technically i am not 6 weeks just quite yet, but with all of the upcoming chaos i figured i should post today! the baby should be around .25 inches now and is starting to form its eyes, ears, nose, cheeks and chin!! how exciting! the hands and feet are still webbed liked paddles but they could be moving by the weeks end!! blood is starting to circulate now and the baby's tiny heart is beating twice as fast as my own. Johnny and i have picked out some names and unfortunately for you they are being kept TOP SECRET! haha. i will share the middle names though. if its a boy (keep your fingers crossed) it will be Eugene. if its a girl it will Jane. both middle names are family names and we are very excited!

on a happy note, i feel 100 times better than i did this past weekend. i am still pretty tired and have to drag my butt out of bed, but i am managing! as long as i have a box of Kleenexes next to me i am great! :) the twins are doing wonderfully and are still amazing me more and more every day. all i have to say is "where is the baby" and they still come and rub my belly and give it kisses!! its just the sweetest thing i have ever seen. Johnny is trying to spend as much time with them as possible before we leave on Saturday morning. i tried to start packing our suitcases last night, but it was too sad. i look at our "pregnancy ticker" (to the right) and it says i have 240 days left of the pregnancy. to everyone else, the ticker is just about the pregnancy. to me, its a countdown to when i get to see Johnny again. 240 days?? that just seems like an eternity. please don't remind me that i will get to see him during this time because those visits will be short and few. i think its even harder to see someone for a few hours every couple of weeks. its like a reminder of what you can't have! :(

i have to get my dreaded new military ID tonight which means i have to actually TRY to look good. UGH! i have let me hair air dry almost all week. the last thing i want to do is pile on the hairspray and cake on the make-up. i guess i am going with the au natural look this evening! haha.

the closer it gets, the more worried i am about our flight home. come on...who wouldn't be worried about a 7 hour (total) travel with 19 month old twins....BY YOURSELF!?!? just going to the bathroom is going to be a challenge! trust me when i say i will let you know EXACTLY how it goes! haha.

well, duty calls....literally! the girls are yelling some gibberish in their room. i take it they are wanting me! haha. take care!

God Bless

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