February 15, 2009

I Give Up!

i'm officially sick with some sort of bug and i can't stand it. i haven't slept more than 2 straight hours a night in the last week. my body is slowly starting to shut down because of it. i also have a nose that is so stuffy i can't even breathe through it. my throat is numb and is making it almost impossible to swallow ANYTHING! my head is pounding from sleep deprivation and to top it all off.... I AM PREGNANT!! that makes me super duper emotional and on the verge of crying at ALL times. i also have NO appetite whatsoever and the thought of eating makes me want to puke. i have non-stop burping going on and its making me miserable!

feel sorry for me yet??

i guess the worst part about it all is that this is my last weekend with Johnny and i am sick. :( i have no energy to play or pick up after the girls and poor Johnny had to do the dishes AND the laundry by himself today. i did get my butt up off the couch to vacuum the living room for him. i should just start referring to the twins as tornadoes...since they seem to have the same effect. i seriously feel like throwing all of their toys away sometimes. haha. at least then i wouldn't have to follow them around the house picking them up.

alyssa is saying "daddy" now instead of "dada" and we are really excited about it. to this day i do not know why the girls are not talking more than they are. i thought by now they would at least be saying 20 or more single words. nope...just daddy! of course they can say mama and baby...but not that often. i guess its just one of those things that will come with time. we only have a few more days left until the girls and i are off to Illinois. today was supposed to be our major packing day, but i obviously don't feel well enough for that. :( maybe tomorrow we can finish everything up.

i am not looking forward to leaving a place where it is nearly 70 degrees everyday to a place where it was just snowing the other day. UGH! what am i thinking?? knowing my luck i will be sick again right after i get there. wish me luck. the twins are napping and Johnny is out getting diapers. he is probably glad to be out of the house since he has been doing all the work. maybe now he knows half of how i feel on a daily basis. haha.

God Bless

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Margaret said...

Non-stop burping - I had that and it was HORRIBLE! I'm sorry you're feeling so rotten, our Valentine's Day wasn't so great .... and it was our first holiday without the kids .... seriously sucks! I hope your trip to IL goes well, hopefully soon we'll see you!!

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