February 13, 2009

Week 5

tomorrow i will officially be 5 weeks along in my pregnancy and i thought that it would be fun to start a weekly update on the baby!! as of now, our little bean should be about the size of an apple seed (.13 inch). its currently resembling a tadpole more than a human at the moment, but its also starting to form its major organs. i am feeling great overall! i have yet to experience the dreaded morning sickness and boy am i ever thankful for that. it was absolutely horrible with the twins...but it also didn't kick in until 6-7 weeks. i was having mild cramping for the last week but amazingly enough it has gone away. so far i have no weird cravings or even aversions. i did go through a patch of days where i had no appetite, but that did a complete 180 fast. i now feel like i am hungry 24/7. i am trying to keep fruits/veggies on hand to snack on and that seems to be helping. the second i get a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach i munch on something. i have been walking a little more lately and it feels great. Johnny has even gotten out with me and we walked around the entire neighborhood (almost 2 miles). he has been so supportive and caring over that last week. its kind of funny really!
a few days before i found out i was pregnant i was telling Johnny that i had no energy and was having a hard time doing my daily chores around the house. he listened but that was about it. he didn't really offer to help or ask me how i was the next day.
two days later i take my wonderful HPT and get a positive right away!! EVERYTHING CHANGED! i am no longer to even switch laundry over or even carry both of the girls at the same time. haha. every three seconds he is asking me how i am feeling or if i need something. if i am doing the dishes or some other task he quickly takes over tells me to sit down. haha. i find it very amusing and entertaining! i try to explain to him that i am pregnant, NOT cripple!! haha. i guess he just feels like he needs to help out and that is fine with me. when you think about it, he only has another week to baby me!! :) i plan on sending him a picture of my belly every week or two while he is away. he can keep it with him through out the day and sneak looks at it while he is working.
i do feel very tired lately, but nothing i can't handle. after having twin newborns you learn to live off of whatever sleep you can get! haha. my first appointment is scheduled for the first week of March and i am really looking forward to it. i actually planned it to fall on my moms birthday. they will be doing an ultrasound that day to look at the baby's heartbeat and also check to see how any are in there. haha! i figured this would be the best birthday gift i could give her. she was in the room with me last time and it was an experience i will never forget. even though i am terribly sad that Johnny will AGAIN miss out of this miraculous time, i am so glad that i get to share this moment with me mom. she means so much to me and it is important to me that she is a part of my entire pregnancy. she was unable to be around for a large part of my pregnancy with the twins and this is our opportunity to make up for that. since i will be giving birth in Illinois we are going to have to do some major shopping for the baby. my mom and i are really looking forward to this!! this is going to be a time in my life that i will never forget.
as you know, we are celebrating Valentine's Day tonight and unfortunately the weather is not as nice as i would have hoped. its cloudy, cold and damp. :( i know we will still find a way to make it fun!! maybe we will see a movie or something...either way we will have a night without the twins!! haha.
i know i said that i wouldn't pack today, but anyone that knows me should know that i am finding that rule hard to follow! just thinking about all that has to be done is giving me a headache! UGH! i am trying my best but i am also very tired from the pregnancy...and not to mention from the little drama queens i already have! haha. Johnny would flip out if he came home and found out that i had been packing. i am under strict orders to not (even try) to move a packed box. haha. he is so sweet!
God Bless

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