February 12, 2009

it feels like its been an eternity since my last post!! probably because it has. i can't help it, ever since the exciting news last week about the new baby, the whole house has been in an uproar of planning, packing, changing plans and just trying to enjoy our last days together before everything changes drastically. it makes me so sad to think that the next time we will all be together like this will be at the birth of our new baby, and even then things will be CRAZY! let me give you a quick 411 of my life at the moment and the next 8 months!

next Saturday (the 21st) the twins and i have a 6:20am flight to Illinois where we are going to stay with family while Johnny is away doing his duty. it was supposed to only be for 4 months if that and somehow it turned into what will be the longest 8 months of my life! instead of seeing a Dr. here and then going to Illinois and seeing another Dr. until i am around 7 months and then going BACK to California to give birth we are making it easier on everyone and i am just going to Illinois a few weeks early. we have also decided that it would be better on everyone if i just stayed in Illinois until the birth of the baby. that way i have the same Dr. throughout and i am not traveling during the pregnancy! Johnny would be missing the birth regardless of if i am in California or Illinois so i might as well have family and friends around to help out and celebrate! :) Johnny is staying in California for another month and he and his sister are driving the 30 hours to Illinois where i will then continue driving Johnny to Mississippi. UGH! (let's breath!) then i get to play the waiting game and count down the days until i see Johnny again. luckily i have appointment, birthdays, friends, road trips with friends to see friends and lots of other things to keep my busy! if we are lucky, Johnny will be able to come to Illinois a few times for quick visits with the twins and to see my growing belly! if all goes well and there are no more delays then Johnny just might make it back in time for the birth...i am not holding my breath on that one. (but i am keeping my fingers crossed and praying EVERYDAY!) after all of this is said and done we will be making the 30 hour drive back to California with 2 year old twin girls and a new born....FUN! and to make things even better we are moving the week we get back to California. *sigh* i told you it was going to be a crazy year for us. Johnny is leaving his "normal" family (whatever that is) and coming home to "big" girls and a newborn. i can't even imagine how he is feeling right now. thank goodness for email and Johnny's chief. he told Johnny that he could use his private line anytime he needed to check up on his expanding family. even though Johnny will probably never or rarely use it, it was a wonderfully nice gesture and i really appreciate it.

on top of packing for the twins' and i, i am also packing up what is left of the house. i finished the twins' bathroom tonight and their nursery. tomorrow Johnny and i are celebrating Valentine's Day so i agrees to no packing!! Saturday we are packing up the office and our master bathroom and closest! we are then leaving Sunday for the rest of the house!! its so weird to see most of our rooms so empty and lifeless!

yes, tomorrow is our Valentine's Day and i can't wait! some friends of ours have offered to babysit the twins over night so Johnny and i can have a rare and special night to ourselves. i think we are going to go to seaport village and have a nice quiet dinner. we are even thinking of taking a carriage ride along the bay. it will be a nice way to enjoy each others company before i leave next week.

i finally got my new stroller and i lovelovelove it! we used it at the mall the night we got it and Johnny and i have even put it to good use while we take walks around the neighborhood! its perfect and exactly what i wanted. its super lightweight and easy to use. it has every gadget and extra i could have wanted and i wouldn't change a thing! i can't wait to get it to Illinois and start walking away a few pounds!! haha.

Johnny also got a new suit this week and i personally think he looks great. here is a picture of my man!!

i just love seeing him all dressed up. he is so motivated and works so hard at everything! he is such a good person and only wants to do his best and make me proud! :) i love him♥

here are a few pictures from the last few days...

Alyssa Kay
Allison Leanne
Allison was upset with her sister!! haha
Alyssa was wearing her daddy's shoes!
they were both trying to wear them!!
just playing in their room
Allison (i get chills when i look at this picture) she is so beautiful!
Alyssa Kay....my precious little mommy's girl!
haha, this is so typical! Alyssa is sitting as close as she can to me and
Allison is just playing quietly like a good girl.
can you believe how big and beautiful they are getting?!?!
i wish everyone in Illinois would realize just what is about to happen. these two little girls are about to put a spell on all of them. they are going to have everyone wrapped so tightly around their little fingers!! i know these pictures don't due them justice. they are beautiful loving little things who will just melt their hearts. you can't tell them no....believe me i have tried!! all you want to do is love, spoil and kiss them!
God Bless

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