February 2, 2009

my weekends always seem to fly by and before i know its Monday morning and Johnny is already at work. :( the twins woke up at 8:30am today which was a plus for me. they are now in their room playing after having their breakfast. we had a great weekend, in my opinion. Friday night i went out with a friend and had dinner and seen a movie. it was a much needed break after having the Thursday that i did. its just nice to get out and not have two toddlers clinging to your legs as you try to get ANYTHING done. don't get me wrong, i love them with all of my heart...but momma needs a break every once in awhile. haha. i even got to walk around the mall on Friday night and picked the girls up a few outfits. i was thrilled to wake up on Saturday to an empty house...Johnny had taken the girls AGAIN to get us all breakfast! after breakfast i played with the girls for a bit and then they were off to take a nap. that was my chance to go to target and have a little more "me time" and spend some more of Johnny's hard earned money! hehe :) i got the girls each a swim suit, some sandals, a few dresses and some other things for Illinois. i also splurged and shopped for myself for the first time in MANY MANY months! i was so excited to get home and show Johnny everything i had bought. (of course he loved it all too!) when the twins woke up we headed to the NEX just for fun. we picked up some handy dandy ant traps to place around the house while we are gone this spring. i had better not come home to an ant filled house!!

after getting a smoothie we were on our way back home! we had some dinner and watched a movie "Tyler Perry's: A Family That Preys". the movie was pretty good and before we knew it, it was time for the girls to go to bed for the night. after the girls were in bed and i went to clean the house i realized i STILL hadn't bought a new vacuum. we have had our Bissel for almost 3 years now and it has picked up more cheerios than i can remember...which is why it finally quick working! haha. i decided on a spur of the moment that i was going to buy one THAT night. i grabbed my purse and was off to wal-mart....who had a HORRIBLE selection of vacuums that weren't even in stock!! i went to target...who also had ONE vacuum under $100 in stock. it was a "dirt devil" which looked very puny and unreliable...i got it anyway! haha. to my surprise it is the BEST vacuum i have ever used and i lovelovelove it! the best part of the night (and the grossest) was when i had only vacuumed half of the living room and say all of the dirt and sand in the vacuum. it made me sick to think that it had been sitting on our carpets for God knows how long and we didn't even know it. YUCK! while i was at wal-mart checking out their devastating display of vacuums i grabbed johnny "guitar hero" for his wii! he had been looking at games all day long and even thought about renting one so we decided to just buy it! i can not say that i am ADDICTED! haha. i can't help it. the twins even love the game. they may not be able to use it properly but they can't get enough of the music. while we are playing...they are dancing and twirling around us. they are seriously the cutest little things i have ever seen.

Sunday morning was here before i knew it and we needed groceries. we headed to commissary and picked up a few things and decided to have lunch at the food court. the girls had Chinese for the first time EVER and they loved it. everyone in the food court came up and told us how beautiful our little girls were and of course i 100% agreed with them....how could you not?! Sunday night was just spent napping and relaxing.

i absolutely cannot wait to get our taxes back. not only are we paying off some bills but Johnny has promised me a new stroller. it seems like everyone and their cousins have something to say about me buying a new stroller when the girls are 19 months old. "why waste the money" "how long will you need it" is what they ask. my reply to them is...."You obviously DON'T have twins!". we currently have a tandem stroller (which is front/back) and the girls always seem to kick each other and fight over who gets to sit in the front. this stroller worked perfect for us when they were infants, but now i just want a side-by-side stroller....and that is what i am going to get!! besides, when Johnny and i get pregnant again would we have to buy a single stroller?? i don't think so...that would be the waste of money! with all of that said, here is a picture of my soon-to-be stroller!

well, i've done enough jibber jabbering today...take care!
God Bless

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