January 29, 2009

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!

i haven't posted pictures in a long time and i figured it was only fitting to post a whole two weeks worth for all of you. close family and friends have already seen some of these, but who doesn't want to look at these adorable faces again?!?!?

ALWAYS at the kitchen (you can't tell, but she is "filling" up her tea pot)

relaxing in the garage

hanging out in mommy & daddy's room

looking out the window!

johnny and Allison eating some cheese cake


Allison posing with mommy...while brushing her teeth!

mommy and Alyssa....she's all ready for BINGO, Nana! :)


simply gorgeous!

Allison....she is looking a little like her sister in this one!THIS is Alyssa!

one of my typical days

johnny and Allison

Alyssa Kay looking so grown-up

Allison Leanne

alyssa and her daddy

mommy and allison

alyssa was STILL trying to get her dolls out of the box. :)

-my babies-

have you ever seen anything cuter than these two?!?!

johnny and alyssa

allison...we were playing in the stickers

alyssa kay

allison @ her kitchen again...surprise surprise!

alyssa came to join in on all of the fun

-so pretty-

they follow me EVERYWHERE!

haha...she's putting her hand on her hip! :)believe it or not...they each got in there on their own. hehe!


messy girls

alyssa was stuck

allison leanne

so precious!

i hope these pictures help you understand what i mean when i say that they are growing and changing everyday. they are in their room right now watching the "Alvin and the chipmunks" movie. there is just something about their voices that captivates them. we are having pizza tonight and it will be the first time we give them a slice and let them go to town...of course i will have pictures tomorrow! :) take care

God Bless

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