February 6, 2009

I'm Pregnant!

yes, Johnny and i are expecting our third child. can you believe it? i wasn't even supposed to test for another week, but i was bored and decided to do it for fun. SURPRISE! it was actually positive. i am only 4 weeks along and strongly considered not telling anyone until i was in the clear of a miscarriage, but the way i see it is that God has given me this baby and i should celebrate that. if at some point something happens then we will deal with it then. last month i prayed and prayed for God to give me a baby and sadly nothing happened. this month, however, i let God be in control and told him that i was ready whenever we was willing to give me a beautiful healthy little baby...and He did. i go to the Dr. this afternoon to get my pregnancy confirmed (even though i have take FOUR tests that were ALL positive!) and do about 50 minutes of paper work. i am thrilled. blessed. nervous. anxious. happy!

a lot of people seem to have things to say about having another child so quickly after the twins. i don't care, this really doesn't effect them. its my life and i choose not to let these people effect me in any way. i live with and care for the twins everyday and i am fully aware of what my body and mind can handle. no, i do not want to continue to "pop" babies out!! this may very well be our last...only God knows for sure. i just want to take the time to enjoy the fact that johnny and i are bring another human being into this world and we couldn't be happier. the look on johnny's face when i woke him up from his nap to tell him the news was priceless. you could tell he thought i was waking him up for some random conversation that meant nothing to him (that's what i usually do. hehe) then i pulled the test out and he instantly got an ear to ear smile and grabbed me. it makes me feel so good to know that he is truly happy and excited for this baby. i know he said that he wanted it, but to see him react this way really showed me that he meant what he said. he is a great husband and i know he will be a great father of three.

i have tried to explain to the girls that they are about to be big sisters, but they are a little young and don't understand. i keep asking them "where is the baby?" and then i take their hands and have them rub my belly. they are starting to catch on. last night when i took the first test i would say "mommy's having a baby" and they would clap for me. haha. they are such sweethearts. i was taking their picture today and i kept saying "Allison, look at the camera and smile" "Allison smile for mommy" and about the fifth time i went to say something Alyssa leaned over and tickled Allison belly. they both erupted in laughter as i tried to capture the moment. i haven't looked at the pictures yet to know, but i will be sure to post them tomorrow. its so amazing to me how much those girls learn on a daily basis. yesterday Alyssa was being a little whiny and i simply told her that it was her last warning and anything else would send her straight to time out. a few minutes later she was whining. i pointed and said "go" and to my shock...she walked right over the rug and sat down. she didn't even say a word until i told her to come to me a few minutes later. this is so strange because Alyssa will usually scream, kick and cry until i let her up. i was amazed and relieved when she went without a fuss.

the girls also got their ears pierced the other day. overall they did a great job. Allison was wonderful and barely cried for 10 seconds!! Alyssa just didn't like all of the strangers around her and the fact that they were touching her really set her off. it was like pulling teeth and nails to even mark her ears...let alone the piercings! after much screaming and kicking we were finished and both girls were laughing and holding their new stuffed animals we had gotten them as a reward. i am so glad that we got their ears pierced, but i wish i would have done it sooner.

we only have about 3 1/2 more weeks until we start our road trip to Illinois. i am really looking forward to it, but i am also scared out of my mind when i think of having two 19 month olds in the car. luckily my momma is generous and decided to buy the girls dual DVD players for the truck. that should really make the drive a lot easier and quieter! haha. not to mention the fact that i will be 7-8 weeks pregnant and having horrible morning sickness (if its anything like my first pregnancy). i guess i will just have to pack lots of plastic bags, wet wipes, water and breath mints! haha. i am sure we will be just fine and i actually think it will be a great family vacation. we plan on stopping a lot to let the girls play and move their legs. we have even mentioned stopping at the Grand Canyon. i guess we'll see!!!

God Bless

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