January 26, 2009

wow, it was quite the busy weekend for the Stone family this week. Johnny happily quit his second job to spend more time with us before he left for Mississippi...i couldn't be more thrilled. yes, we could have used the extra money for gas and such, but its so nice having him home in the evenings. Johnny was able to come home early on Friday and we decided to file our taxes. this was the first year we took the girls with us and boy was it a mistake. they by no means were "horrible" but just the slightest cry is an inconvenience when you have to answer questions and pay attention. luckily i was prepared and had a couple different snacks, toys and two full sippy cups! haha. i FINALLY got my new day planner and i so excited to put it to good use. i have had my pink one for a few years now...it was my source of sanity while planning our wedding. i knew going into 2009 that it was time to update and i couldn't be happier with my new one. i have such a type A personality that i NEED my day planner every single day just to cope with everything around me. haha. i know it sounds lame, but i just do. i even keep it in my purse at all times just so i have it to look back on. i guess we all have our little things...and this is mine!

i was lucky enough to get woken up to breakfast in bed (McDonald's) on Saturday. it was so nice!! Johnny got the girls ready, loaded them up and went and got breakfast all by himself. i was very impressed and was so very thankful. he is a great husband and wonderful father. that evening we went to our friends house for dinner and to watch the Miss America pageant. we all had a great time and even stayed out until around 10pm. at the time i thought we were lucky and the girls were behaving wonderfully. it wasn't until 2am that we realized we had a HUGE problem. you see, the twins have a strict bedtime of 7pm....this night however they fell asleep in the car at 10pm....resulting in a 2am scream fest in their bedroom. at first we thought if we refilled their sippys and cuddled a little then they would fall fast asleep again and all would be well....WRONG! nothing we did would quiet them and both Johnny and i were tired and irritated...which wasn't helping the situation. after 45 minutes of chaos we decided to let them cry it out on their own...thankfully they were asleep 5 minutes later. i guess this was their way of showing us that they are in control of our schedule and 10pm just isn't acceptable. haha.

needless to say i was VERY tired on Sunday and slept in until NOON! haha...thinking back to when the girls were born, i NEVER thought that sleeping in (let alone until noon) would even be an option. once again my wonderful husband was there for me and took baby (or should i say toddler) duty all afternoon. we spent the day cleaning out our SUV and organizing our holiday filled garage. we set up the girls' play yard and let them enjoy the nice weather while we got to work. the rest of the night we spent in the living room with Johnny's new wii. we had a great time and for the first time in a long time we were able to forget about what was going on (johnny leaving soon and our long trip to Illinois) and just laugh again!

last night was also a HUGE anniversary for us. yesterday was Johnny's four year mark in the Navy. i can't believe it was just four years ago that i was crying my eyes out as we said our last good-bye before boot camp. i was only 17 at the time and he was 19. neither of us had any idea what was in store for us in the near future. at the time i guess i just assumed i wouldn't see him for four years and then we would have to start all over and get to know each other all over again. never in my wildest dreams did i think we would be at this point in our lives. the last four years have flown by with such flurry that its almost hard to remember it all...

Johnny proposed four short months after leaving for boot camp...we were married a year and half later on 6/22/06...we were shocked to learn that we were expecting our first child four VERY short months after the wedding...then we were really shocked to learn it was TWINS!!!...the twins were born @ 30 weeks leaving us heartbroken and scared to even sleep in fear that our little babies wouldn't make it through the night...happily a year later we celebrated their first birthday...and NOW! four years later we are happily married, more in love than we ever thought possible and trying for our third child! we also can't fail to mention the numerous awards and accomplishments that Johnny has worked so hard for. he was an E-1 the day we got married and in these last 2 1/2 years he has impressed everyone by climbing the ladder all the way up to E-5. yes, you are reading that correct!! Johnny is one of the lucky few to make both E-4 and E-5 the first time he tested. Johnny also earned himself "Blue Jacket Sailor of the Quarter" and "Blue Jacket Sailor of the Year" along with many medals such as his volunteer service medal (completing over 300 hours of community service in three years) and 2 NAMs (Navy and Marine Corp Achievement Medal for outstanding work) and many others.

i will be the first to admit the Johnny has had a VERY lucky Navy career thus far. however, that isn't to say that he didn't work for every bit of his outstanding reputation. Johnny has had to pull himself up by his boot straps and make a name for himself. i am so proud to call myself Mrs. AS2 Stone!

looking back to this day four years ago i never would have thought that i would be making "Military Wife" my career path. i honestly thought that we would be moving home today to be with our family and friends...i guess God had other plans for us. we ARE moving soon, but just to another military neighborhood here in San Diego. being a military wife is by far the hardest thing i have ever done (and that includes being a mother of twins!). i hate the fact that we are so far away from our family and loved ones. its hard to be so far away from everyone you love and only see pictures of the things you want so badly to attend. no matter how hard it may be, we know what is best for us. Johnny not only loves his career, but he is successful at it and that means SO much. especially in our world today, its wonderful have such great job security. we know that Johnny will always have his job and will always get our steady and never late pay check. there are many pros and cons in the military and i think it comes down to the few that really love their job! you have to have passion for your work to make the military a life long commitment!
Thanks to all of you who have been there for us through these last four years. we couldn't have done it without you. we love you all!
God Bless

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