January 19, 2009

the last few days have been such a whirlwind of activities and organized chaos. it was so nice to wind down last night to such a beautiful sunset (to the left). its quite often actually that we get to see such a wonderful sunset here in San Diego. the colors are beautiful and nothing like anything i have even seen before. its nice to relax and think about the day while looking at something so unique and peaceful. the girls went to bed a little later than usual last night after a long day out of the house. we decided to take the girls to the park yesterday afternoon and for the first time EVER we let them walk the whole way there and the whole way home. it was so nice and non-restricting to just get up and leave. we didn't have to worry about a stroller or wagon...the whole family just set off on foot. of course i took many pictures!

here is johnny and the girls on the swings
Allison needed a little break! :)
they stopped for a quick cheerio snack break! (Allison, Alyssa)
...and then they were off again! (Alyssa, Allison)
the girls just love their daddy
me and.....ALYSSA!
Alyssa trying to get into the "big kid" swing
me and....ALLISON!! i know, i know...they look identical in these photos!
Allison saw johnny and Alyssa swinging and wasn't going to let them happen without her! haha
our long walk home!

we had such a great time at the park and we even went to Target afterwards. we need to pick up a few things, including ANOTHER box of diapers. i can't wait to get to Illinois and start to seriously potty train them. they are of course still using their little potty chair every once in awhile, but we don't stress over it. it will sure be nice to not go through almost 400 diapers a month. YIKES! that is a lot of diapers!
overall i think we had a GREAT weekend. we even went out to dinner on Saturday with some friends. i have been wanting to go to Joe's Crab Shack for quite a long time and we actually went!!! i had a great time, my crab legs were delicious and i even got a t-shirt that i really wanted. HOWEVER...it was not even close to being worth what we paid for it. i have no complaints because it got me out of the house and i now have memories to last me a lifetime...but i wish my checking account wouldn't have suffered so much! haha :( the twins really had a good time when we went out. there was music and food...that's everything they need! here are a few pics from our night!

Alyssa was really into the Ranch!!! (thanks to Allie) :)
tried to get a pic. of johnny and i....then tried to get Allison in there....haha
its still a good pic!
auntie Allie and Alyssa @ Joe's
my girls...they were so well behaved!
they were feeding Allie some cheerios...yum yum!
johnny and i @ Joe's
Scott and Allie
johnny was getting ready to take the girls to bed!! don't you just love those hair styles!
Allie and i
Allison had a great idea!! she wanted to feed the rabbits in our front yard! haha
tomorrow is the inauguration of our new president elect, Barack Obama. i think that no matter if you're white, black, gay, straight, republican or democrat...we can all agree that change is near and for that i am grateful. we may not all agree with his ideas and plans, but i think we CAN all agree that times are rough and we are all clinging to every bit of hope we can find. tomorrow marks the beginning of something new! ...something promising!
i am excited to say that i am getting my hair permed on Wednesday and i couldn't be happier. i haven't gotten my hair done in months and its nice to focus on me a little bit. my main reason for getting my hair done is because i need something manageable before i get pregnant. when i was pregnant with the twins my hair was long, flat and unmanageable. i figured i should act now while i still can!!
i can't even express the amount of love that i have for my two beautiful daughters, Alyssa and Allison. they truly are the reason i wake up every morning and try so hard to be a better person. they bring out the best in me and make me want to achieve every dream possible. to all of you who live so far away and are unable to see the twins daily...hang in there. the next 6 weeks are going to fly by and soon enough you will have those two gorgeous girls in your arms and you will understand a SLIVER of how i feel. you will see every ounce of joy that they bring to my life, and hopefully yours as well. with just one smile i know that they will have you tightly wrapped around each and every one of their little fingers like that have their daddy and i. they are my everything and without them i could not survive.
God Bless

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Margaret said...

OH WOW! I saw the pics of Allison and OMGosh! She looks SO much like her father each and every day! Kinda funny how the kids do that LOL : ) Ours are like that too - TM looks a LOT like daddy, MT looks a LOT like me. Isn't that amazing?! And sounds like you had a TON of fun the last few days! Hope the work of getting pregnant is going well, I know when we women try most of us feel like it's harder than it is so hang in there! I'm sure before you know it you'll be expecting again : ) You are beautiful and deserve the world! I hope the next 6 weeks don't go by TOO fast - as the next 6 months will be hard on all 3 of you as much fun as it will be to be home .... take care, talk soon : )

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