January 8, 2009

the twins had their 18 month well child check-up today and everything went very smoothly. Johnny was able to come home early and help me, which makes a BIG difference. everyone was very happy to see the girls and they got lots of attention, as always!
Alyssa: 18lbs 4oz 32 1/2in
Allison: 19lbs 2oz 32in
they are VERY close in size and i wasn't at all surprised with the numbers. i was hoping for them to weigh a little more, but i am perfectly happy. they are still in the 5th percentile or 30 weekers (which is tiny) but they are doing great!
on our way home i saw a homeless man on the side of the road. my heart just ached for this man and i was almost brought to tears. what you need to understand is that here in San Diego, homeless people are not rare. in fact there are lots and lots of them. if you drive downtown after the sun gos down you will be shocked at the number of bodies sleeping on the sidewalk. we even have the regulars that stand on the street corners by our house. i will admit that i have given them a few dollars and even some food at times, but you can't let yourself get too carried away. anyway, there was something about the man i saw today that jumped out at me. he was not holding a sign asking for money, nor was he telling us how many kids he had and how he was in the military...yadda yadda yadda! he was simply holding a sign saying "need work". i thought it was so noble of him to ask for work instead of free money. he wanted to earn his money with hard work and not scheme other families who really need it. everyone knows the economy is bad, but it is especially here in San Diego. Johnny had no sympathy for this man and insisted to call him names which made me sick! sometimes its so hard to explain to him that not all homeless people are dirt bags who beg for pennies. a lot of them (more so now) are just down on their luck and have been fired from their jobs. i wanted so badly to reach out of my window and hand him some money...but we were two lanes over from him in moving traffic.
the girls are napping right now and i am just enjoying this quiet time. i need to get downstairs and finish laundry so i can relax tonight. it really seems as if a mothers work is never done. there is always something that needs some attention. well, take care and God Bless.

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