January 14, 2009

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight."
Proverbs 3:5-6
with everything that is going on lately (second jobs, family drama, planning the vacation) i was really looking forward to my walk with the girls today. unfortunately the whole neighborhood is upside down because they are resurfacing the roads. they decided to be quick about it and do it all in a couple of days. UGH! i am still going to try to take the girls to the park, but i was hoping to be gone for more than 20 minutes. with Johnny working his second job on most nights i am trying to come up with new ways to get out of the house. luckily the weather is beautiful and perfect and going outside is an option. i would baby proof....i guess i mean TODDLER proof....the garage and take them out there, but with everything that is going on, its just too much work at the moment. today is almost so hot i feel like letting the girls go swimming in their little pool. too bad Johnny isn't home to help me with that. just thinking about taking that on by myself scares me. haha. the girls would be running everywhere and it would just be a disaster. i feel bad for all of the people who are stuck in inches of snow. :) here i am sitting in my house almost sweating!
the girls are napping right now and i couldn't be happier. it just feels like the last few days have drug on forever and the girls are getting more and more irritable. they are in this stage where if i don't have a book in my hand at all times they start to kick and scream. i want to punish them for having a fit, but i feel so guilty because they just want me to read to them. as much as i love them on my lap 24/7 and spending every waking hour with them....I NEED MY ALONE TIME! i went out the a friend last weekend and if anything it made me realize that i need to get out more often WITHOUT the kids. its such a relief not worrying if they had a long enough nap so they are happy, if the diaper bag was packed properly, if i have enough diapers, if we need to leave early to get the girls home. sometimes its just nice to think about only myself. oh, i sound so selfish! haha. its just now that the girls are little older it would be nice to focus on me again a little before we get pregnant with our third and probably last child. i guess going to Illinois will be nice for me. there are so many friends and family that want to watch the girls and i might just have to take them up on that offer. not too much though...they are still my babies and as much as i enjoy my alone time, i think about them 24/7 and want to hurry home to them.
Johnny, the girls and i are going out to dinner with Allie and Scott this weekend and i am getting pretty excited. i am just hoping the girls behave and we are able to enjoy ourselves. i am sure it will be great and we'll have a wonderful time.
my sister Marina is going through a really hard time right now and i would really appreciate it if she and my family were in your prayers. she is 16 and having a hard time finding herself and making the right choices. this isn't the first time that she has acted out and made HUGE mistakes. i know she is trying to change and all i can hope for is that she will wake up and realize what she is doing to herself and our family. thank you
God Bless

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Margaret said...

Oh honey, what's going on with Marina? Is she ok? I have only known her to be a sweet, beautiful young woman! If I can do anything to help, even send her a message to brighten her day, let me know : )

As for you and the family, good luck and MUCH baby dust to you!! I know that watching the girls grow up is hard - knowing TM will be walking soon and MT isn't far behind (he sat up ALL on his own tonight for the therapy ladies!! I SO wish I'd been there instead of sick at home :' ( ) just makes me want to cry sometimes - SO independent and I'm not ready for that ....

Anyways, hope all's well. Let me know if there's EVER anything I can do or both of us or whatever .... : ) HUGS!!

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