January 6, 2009

in my attempt to blog more in 2009 i thought i would share a cute little tid bit from my day so far. as most of you know, i talk to my mom A LOT (that was the understatement of the year) and naturally the twins see me and want to be like mommy. along with the play phone from their new kitchen, Johnny and i let them play with a few of our old cell phones. the girls are constantly holding one up to their ears and "talking". well, today i was watching Allison and she casually picked up a phone and held it to her head with her right hand. she then proceeded to put her left hand on her hip then take it and make gestures with it like she were really talking to someone. all the while she had her necked kinked to the side. HAHA! i just about lost it. it was hilarious. i have a feeling that i am a bad influence on them. :)
the weather is SO nice out today i think i am going to take advantage of it and go on a walk. the twins love to get out of the house just as much as i do and with johnny working all day this may be our only chance. now that the girls can walk and run, the park is a lot more fun....but with that also come chasing after TWO little mischievous toddlers. i think we may only swing today. i love putting the girls down for their naps. i am proud to say that today is the 3rd day that they have NOT gone to bed with a sippy. i have known for awhile that Alyssa doesn't drink hers, but Allison drinks more than anyone i know. as of right now they are only getting a sippy of water at bedtime. i am hoping to make that change next week. the biggest thing i regret with the twins is EVER letting them have a sippy in bed. UGH! i guess with two babies crying i caved and it became habit. oh well...we learn from our mistakes! i think potty training is officially on hold until i get to Illinois. i am worried about the 30 hour drive and it would probably be easier on EVERYONE if we just waited. the trip back to California will be a lot slower and we will be able to give that subject a little more attention. Johnny and i are trying to make the trip to Illinois go as fast as possible. his time is limited to get to Mississippi and we would like to have him visit with his family first.
My mom's birthday is the first week i will be in Illinois. i am so excited. my mom is like my best friend and being so far away from her is the hardest thing i have ever done (besides when my husband is on deployment). with my mom's health the way it is i am truly thankful for every moment i have to share with her; especially the special times and holidays. i was able to throw her a HUGE surprise party last year that was very successful, but this year i think we may make it a little more low key and let her bond with her twin granddaughters that she doesn't see nearly enough. i also can't wait to go out and have a drink with my mom. i haven't seen her since i turned 21 and its something that i am really looking forward to. my sister turns 21 while i am home and i am sure that will be a fun night! i miss my family so much and i am so looking forward to all of the fun i know we are going to have. to be honest, i am mostly excited about the fact that my brother is currently living with my parents. i know it will be chaotic and stressful...but that is what i grew up with. i am from a family of 5 children (4 girls who were all in the teens together)...i LOVE the hustle and bustle. the reason i am actually happy about it is now he is forced to see me and twins everyday and play with them. he is their only uncle and it means a lot to me that they know, love and remember him.
God Bless

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