January 5, 2009

i came across the funniest video today on YouTube. when you get a chance you should really check it out. its called "The Mom Song"!

the twins should wake up from their second nap any minute so i am going to try to keep this short. today was a good day...the usual. the twins had me up @ 7:30am and since this was Johnny's first day back to work from Christmas break, i was slowly dragging my butt out of bed to change some diapers. :( my mood quickly changed when i saw two smiling faces staring at me through the bars on the cribs. i love getting the girls up from a nap. i usually knock on their door to let them know i am coming in and the second i open the door they start to clap their hands and stomp their feet. they are adorable. i picked them up two new outfits last night at wal-mart. they had the new spring clothes out (YES, in January!) and they had the cutest little one piece romper sets. i got one pink and one orange. i will be sure to post pics as soon as i can. they are adorable and the girls look great in them. it reminds me SO much of the stuff i wore when i was little. i am so excited to go to Illinois and let the girls run around in them @ my parent's house like i used to. as the days go by, Alyssa is looking more and more like me. it is CRAZY! i look at my baby photos and i am completely taken back by the resemblance. if i didn't know better i would think they were the same child.
as March 1st gets closer i know i need to start getting the house ready to be "closed" (for lack of a better word) while i am in Illinois for 4 months. rooms need to be cleaned, things need to be purchased, arrangements need to be made...but i'm feeling a little lazy. its so hard to get anything done when you have two little shadows following you around. knowing me i will wait until the last minute and get myself extremely stressed out....oops! there are the girls. they are screaming "MAAAAA MAAAA" haha
God Bless

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