January 3, 2009

Happy Saturday to everyone! its a beautiful day out today. the perfect little Fall day. the leaves are finally starting to fall like they should have weeks ago and the air is moist from the midnight rain we had. i love it. i do miss our warm weather though. lately i have felt almost trapped with the twins inside the house. i am really looking forward to Spring when we can venture out again and have a little fun. speaking of Spring, its only 8 short weeks before the twins and i head to Illinois to stay with my family while Johnny is out to sea. to me it is both a wonderful, yet sad and hard time that i am not looking forward to. i am both excited to see my family and let the twins get to know the rest of their rather large extended family, and at the same time i am scared, nervous and just sad that i will have to say good-bye to my husband and watch him say good-bye to our little girls. they obviously don't understand time yet and have no idea what is about to happen. Johnny is heading as much time with them as he possibly can with his two jobs. his favorite thing to do is put them to bed. he gets their sippys ready and follows them up the stairs. its such a magical time that i not only hope they remember, but that i can live up to for the 6 months that he is absent. as much as this is going to be a struggle, i truly am excited for the change in scenery. my family is SO important to me and i am thrilled to be able to spend so much time with them. i talk to my mom daily and i get to hear about her outings to dialysis, lunch, wal-mart, the grocery store. i want so badly to be a part of her daily life and accompany her to all of these places....and i finally get my chance. i am mostly excited to be able to have lunch with her like we did before i got married. its nothing special, but my mom is my best friend and i really cherish those times that i have her. i my girls' and i can have that kind of relationship. speaking of the twins!!!!!! they were beyond horrible this afternoon and boy was i glad to put them down to bed. its very rare that they drive me nuts, but today was the day. this afternoon wasn't bad, it was when they woke up from their nap that i was just disgusted with their attitudes. i am trying so hard to figure Allison out. she is such a sweetheart and she has the hardest time telling me what she wants. she gets so worked up and frustrated that she just starts screaming if i can't figure it out fast enough. it can be as silly as she is thirsty or needs a diaper change, but i just can't understand her. i think its the "twin talk" that is effecting it. the girls communicate in a "goo-gabba-me-momo-moo-gee-goo-ga-gabba" language that is so confusing and yet they seem to know EXACTLY what the other is saying. i swear, at times i just know that they are talking about me and laughing about how they pulled one over on the earlier that afternoon. its quite annoying. at least with Alyssa she will motion to something or pat her belly, bring me her sippy...whatever! my problem with Alyssa was that she was overly tired and was a HUGE grouch-butt! she gets in these moods when she hasn't slept enough and even she doesn't know what she wants. she wants to be held, but she wants to play, but not with that toy, she needs her sippy, but she's hungry....UGH! i was also home alone today because Johnny was busy at his second job (you gotta love his hard work and dedication) and it was a long day for me. today was one of those days where i get to thinking about whether or not another child is the best idea for us...and then i put the girls to bed and they give their hugs and kisses and smile at me. its then that i know just how badly i DO want another. so what if i have ONE bad day out of the month. my job is easy and oh so rewarding. i wouldn't change a thing about it.
whats funny is that in the last two days i have made Johnny sit down and watch two different "chick flicks" with me. "When Harry Met Sally" and "You've Got Mail" and to my surprise he said that he liked them both. its funny that for the last few years he has out right REFUSED to watch either of them with me and the one time that he does he realized just how fabulous they are. haha. he is going to kill me for tell the whole world what kind of a softy he really is! :)
here are a few new photos...

sitting at their table for a snack (Allison, Alyssa)
on the counter yet again with mommy (Allison, Alyssa)
Alyssa showing us her Santa hat after her bath the other night.
of course sweet Allison had hers on too!
i had a few dresses that my mom bought before the twins were even born an decided to try them on the girls. they fit perfectly and i have decided that they will be their Easter dresses when we are in Illinois. aren't they beautiful?!
Allison(Alyssa, Allison) playing with their kitchen
too many toys to choose from
daddy took them for rides in their new shopping carts.
oh man, oh man, oh man! i just love them so much!

God Bless

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