January 1, 2009

Where to begin?! for starters, i have not posted on here in two weeks and i am so ashamed! so much has happened and to be honest, it just slips my mind. the twins have me running all over the place...and i lovelovelove it. they are so adventurous and fun! it really makes me happy just to see them interact with each other and learn something new everyday. today Alyssa was walking through the utility room and there was a laundry basket in her way. instead of walking around it, she picked that huge thing up and threw it. haha. that is just so typical Alyssa. just seeing her strategize and take care of it on her own was enough to bring me to tears. :( she is getting so big. Allison is quite the sweetheart these days. most of the time she is off in her own little "LaLa Land" and usually has a smile on her face. she is so well mannered and actually listens to me when i ask her to do something or give me something. Alyssa on the other hand will run and hide whatever it is that she is not supposed to have under her shirt. UGH! where in earth does she learn this stuff? i let the twins sit on the counter while i made a cake the other day. they LOVED it. i ever let them lick the mixers when we were finished...here are a few picture from our night...
Allison Leanne enjoying her little snack. haha
Alyssa really going at it! :)
she was so excited that i let her make a mess (Alyssa)
still trying to get every last drop (Alyssa)
my beautiful baby girls!
needless to say it was a blast and something that we are sure to do again very soon. the twins are going through this stage (which i am sure will last many years to come) where they only want to be with me, do what i do, be held by me, follow me, love on me.....SMOTHER ME! haha. at times its adorable, and other times i just want to pull my hair out. its impossible to move around in the kitchen when they are in there. between the three of us we are left with a 2 inch square to get things done. haha. i can't even tell you the last time that the girls sat in their high chairs. they got a table and two chairs for Christmas and that is where they eat every meal and snack throughout the day. when they are hungry they just go have a seat and i know its snack time. when they are finished they just get up and leave. its so nice for me because since they are able to get up when they are finished, they don't get bored and throw left over food and empty bowls on the floor. the best thing about having twins is that they always have each other to play with. here a few pics of them playing...
can you tell who this is?? its ALLISON! they are starting to look more and more alike!
Alyssa and that darn belly button! haha.
they just love their daddy! what are we going to do when he's gone for 6 months? :(
and AGAIN!
Alyssa....oh man, she is gorgeous!
Christmas has come and gone and many memories were made. Christmas Eve was very relaxing. we decided to make a last minute trip to the grocery store and everyone was in the holiday spirit and enjoyed seeing the twins. we got home in time to make some cinnamon rolls and watch "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" on TV. we made a point of telling the girls we were leaving cookies out for Santa (they didn't understand why they couldn't have them one...we caved and let them share one) and all snuggled up on the couch to read "T'was the Nigh Before Christmas". it was fantastic and the twins really loved the pictures in the book. then it was off to bed so Johnny and i could assemble their 50 billion toys and get everything ready for the morning.
we woke up around 9am (no complaining here) and took the girls downstairs. of course they went STRAIGHT to their kitchen set. from there on out it was like pulling teeth and nails to get them to sit down long enough to open more presents. Johnny and i did most of the present opening that morning. haha. the girls loved each and every toy they received. i later went through and put half of them up to open at a later date. there is just too much JUNK in our living room. its unlivable at times.
Santa's cookies!
First thing Christmas morning.
their kitchen set
talking on the phone....surprise, surprise!
we got Allison to open one....and then she was off.
it took some major effort to get them both to sit down long enough to take a picture!
Allison was vacuuming sitting down....if only it were that easy ;)
...after the damage was done...

overall we had a great holiday season and i am really looking forward to next year.
New Years Eve was last night and we had a couple of friends over. it was a mostly low key night with some food, poker, drinks and a movie! Allie and i made these delicious chicken/bacon wraps that were to die for. they literally lasted about two minutes between the four of us. they were great.
i woke up this morning feeling well rested and refreshed. it felt like a new beginning. i have been doing a lot of thinking about 2009 lately and i am both excited and scared to see what this year has to offer us. we are trying to get pregnant at the moment and that brings so many emotions! Johnny also leaves us in March for a 6 month deployment that i know will be hard for everyone...mainly on our two wonderful daughters. the twins and i will be heading to Illinois for a few months while he is gone to stay with my parents in hopes of making time go by faster for us. the twins are turning two (another thing that Johnny will be missing out on) and we are praying for the birth of a new baby. it is surely to be a year to remember. 2008 was a fast year that until i stopped to think about all that happened seemed like an uneventful year....boy was i wrong. Johnny and i got to thinking about this time last year and were amazed at how much everything has changed in 12 short months. the twins are no longer in bouncers and swings, but running all over the house.
I have a few goals in mind when it comes to the new year...
1. Get Pregnant!
2. Potty train the twins (at least during the day) by their 2nd birthday.
3. try to relax more and not over plan EVERYTHING
4. learn to live one day at a time and make as many memories as i can
5. spend less time in front of the computer and TV and enjoy my daughters MORE!
6. stay open minded and add to this list as much as i can!
if any of you were wondering, we are not pregnant yet. we are hoping it won't take too awful long...we don't have too long to try. i will keep you posted on any updates.
God Bless

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