December 19, 2008

God is amazing! let me start off by saying that for the first time since we got married, Johnny and i are REALLY doing great financially. of course we have struggled here and there, but we are ahead on our bills and are able to afford what is needed. as most of you know, we are also trying to have another baby within the next year. with this expansion of our family comes expenses. the diapers, name it! we weren't too worried. we knew that when the time came to buy these things we would be ready. however, we were walking through Babies'R'Us tonight (buying our new toy box) when Johnny got a call from someone he didn't know. it was his old boss (@ the NEX) asking him if he would like his job back. they said that Johnny was a great worker and they would really appreciate it if he would consider coming back to work for them. of course we were both thrilled and agreed this is what was right. he goes in tomorrow to get his schedule worked out. i can't help but feel blessed by all of this. the call could not have come at a better time. Johnny leaves for Mississippi in March and hopefully, by the grace of God, we will be expecting soon. not to mention the fact that the holidays completely wiped us out (thank goodness for grandparents, xoxo). especially with the economy the way it is, who couldn't use a little extra cash.
i was telling my mom how much we desperately needed a toy box and how i had found one that i liked when she offered to get it for the girls for Christmas. i feel like it was more of a present for me, but i'll let her think what she wants. haha! it was becoming impossible to keep the house clean with all of the little toys of the girls'. some days it feels like the second i get done cleaning the house i step on a hot dog, trip over a child, stub my toe on a toy, clean up a spill....and before you know it the house is a wreck AGAIN! ugh! this toy box is going to be the key to my sanity!
the girls were having a great time figuring it out. they know how to open it and grab their toys. its only a matter of time before they are both climbing in there....or shutting each other in there. oh the joys of twins! :)
here are the girls sitting on the toy box before bed. i wanted a black one, but they only had the one i wanted in white. :( but i have to say that i am more than thrilled with the one we bought!
sometimes i amaze myself at some of the pictures i am able to snap. this is Alyssa playing peek-a-boo with me the other day. she is such a character!
here is Alyssa again! she is sitting on her little couch watching "the view" with me. haha. like mother, like daughter!
here is Johnny with his girls! we caved and let them open some gifts! haha
she is beyond excited that we are letting her hold a gift without yelling at her and ripping it away. haha.
and this is what started it ALL! this is what happened when Johnny and i turned our backs for TWO seconds!
Johnny getting some one on one time with Allison Leanne!
this is the "usual" Alyssa wanting some mommy time in the afternoon. (this is usually a good sign that nap time is just around the corner!)
the girls woke up from their nap the other day VERY happy. they are also wearing the outfits that my friend Allie was nice enough to get them for Christmas! aren't they cute?!
as you could tell from some of the photos, the twins are getting bigger by the minute. they are absolutely no longer babies. i think Johnny is having a hard time realizing that. tonight he refused to let them play @ McDonald's because that would mean that they were big girls and he just wasn't having it. haha. it was kind of cute! speaking on McDonald's...the twins got their very first Happy Meals!! of course they have gotten mcnuggets before, but never a toy for each of them and yadda yadda yadda. it was quite the special event. like i said earlier, we went to Babies'R'Us this evening and had a great time. they had a GREAT deal on shoes and i just had to take advantage of the great price. they were $10 a pair and 50% off the second pair. i thought i was reading it wrong! of course (the story of my life) they didn't have two of the same shoe in the size that i needed!! so i did the next best thing and got two size 5's for a few months from now. they looked like spring shoes anyway (which is probably why they were on sale). i was very proud of myself!
i talked Johnny into moving the living room around tonight. i could take the mess and the un wrapping of Christmas presents ANY MORE! with the arrangement we have now, we were able to put the new baby gate ALL the way around the tree and made it IMPOSSIBLE for the twins to get to any of them. its wonderful and i love it. it also give the girls more floor space to play and walk around. :) Johnny had to iron his dress blues tonight for an award ceremony tomorrow. this is very common in our household!! Johnny had recently had his uniform sent in for a good cleaning and press....and to get his new E-5 patches sown on. well, tonight Johnny got his uniform out for a good once over before tomorrow and about lost it when he noticed the HORRIBLE double creases all over them. even i was shocked at how bad they were creased. we busted out the starch and worked together to get them fixed. Johnny was so upset and disappointed...i doubt he ever takes his uniforms in again. maybe next time he will just learn to let me do it. haha.
everyone is asleep right now and the house is very quiet. i think this is my favorite time of day. its a time for ME! i can clear my head and think. i don't have two little red headed girls pulling on my shirt. Johnny is not asking me questions. the phone is not ringing.
i can breathe!!
tonight was the first time in a long time that is actually felt like Christmas. it was chilly outside, the Christmas carols were on. there are Christmas lights everywhere you look. its nice! i think its going to be a good holiday filled with lots and lots of memories.
God Bless

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