December 5, 2008

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-yep, you're reading that correct. johnny and i have decided to try for baby #3! this is something that we have been talking about for months. we always knew that we wanted our children to be close in age (never in a million years did we think that our first two would be ONE minute apart). when the twins celebrated their first birthday we started tossing around the idea of having another. after all, the twins were both sleeping through the night with no problems, they were off the bottle, eating great and we weren't having any major issues with them. with johnny going on a 6 month deployment soon we started doing the math and thinking about how soon we would have to start trying in order to have our kids close enough together for our liking. i didn't like the idea of waiting until the girls were 2 1/2 to start trying because i didn't want to get rid of all the baby stuff and get back to my (somewhat) old belly and yadda yadda yadda. i FINALLY convinced him to try before he left in March. if you think about it, that only leaves us with three months to TTC. UGH! this should be interesting. nevertheless, we are both very excited and anxious to start this next journey of our lives.
luckily i will be home for a large portion of johnny's deployment and i will have the help and comfort of my family and friends. i know i am going to rely on them a lot while i am home. obviously after two girls, we are hoping for a boy, but we will be more than happy with any healthy little bundle of joy. of course the thought of twins again (or triplets) gives me a little scare. i made it through the first time, but would it be the same the second time around with toddlers in the house?...i don't think so. since the girls are fraternal, there is a 1 in 4 chance of twins again. i guess only time will tell if i am that small % or not.
yesterday was johnny's 23rd birthday and we decided to get a babysitter (i surprised him) and go out to dinner (greasy pizza), play some pool and miniature golf, and see a movie. we had a great night and i can't believe we don't go out more often. johnny decided he wanted a punching bag for his birthday and we now have a 40lb bag in our garage. haha. i have never seen such a HUGE smile on his face. he was thrilled!
everyone in the stone household is pretty much the same as always. johnny works for most of the day and the twins are as active as ever. they are walking all over the house and little chatterboxes. they are saying "dada" "mama" and "baby" on a regular basis, but that's it. i am sure more words will come over time. they walk around with my old cell phone glues to their faces. i guess i am not setting the best example when i am on the phone for hours at a time with my mom. its only a matter of time before they are picking up their little play phones and saying "hello, nana!" haha. the girls have been really enjoying all the Christmas movies that have been playing on TV. we have been recording them on our DVR for the girls to watch in the afternoons. they grab their sippys and go curl up on their little couch. i give them a pillow and blanket and they are quiet for at least 45 min. then allison gets up and wonders around. she will eventually find her way back to the couch every now and then and join her sister. alyssa is such a couch potato. she loves nothing more than to just relax on her couch. even when its snack time, she will take her little fruit snacks and go to her couch to eat them. its ADORABLE!
my hands are horribly dry from the weather and all of the dishes i do on a daily basis. if i could get out of doing ONE would be dishes. i wouldn't even care if i still had to do laundry...i just hate standing at the sink and drying my hands out. i swear i use a bottle of lotion a week. its ridiculous!
God Bless

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