December 10, 2008

-life has been pretty nice the last few weeks. johnny is still working hard as always and looking forward to going on deployment this coming March. the twins are walking, talking and causing lots and lots of trouble! haha. i feel great and can't wait for Christmas.

the days are going by so fast and i can't believe that there are only 14 days, 11 hours, 11 minutes and some odd seconds until we get to open up all of our presents and soak up the joys of the day. it feels like we were just saying "6 months until Christmas" and now it is here. the girls are constantly trying to get to their presents as it is, so i can only imagine what Christmas morning will be like. luckily the girls are still young and johnny and i will be able to sleep in to at least 7. haha. i think we are going to skip out on a big feast this year and just settle for a nice breakfast on Christmas morning. we have no family around and our friends will all be out of just makes the most since.

johnny and i are having our friends over again this weekend and i can't even begin to tell you how nice it is to make plans. the last two years have been slow and uneventful for the most part. its so wonderful to have someone to talk to and make plans with. i guess you just wouldn't know until you had to do without.

the weather is so nice today. it has been very chilly the last few days and it is so nice to see the sun again. i believe its around 70 degrees in our neighborhood today and i think that means we need to go on a walk. haha. i just feel the need to take advantage of this gorgeous day and perfect weather. it does feel a bit odd to have the Christmas carols on with all of the windows open and tank tops on the twins. haha. i have to remind myself daily that its December outside!

the girls just woke up from their nap and are quietly playing in their room. this is pretty normal for us. in about 20 minutes we will all go down stairs. the girls will watch some cartoons and do their best at destroying the house while i fold yet another load of laundry. when that is finished i will probably try to get a load of dishes done with a toddler clinging to each of my legs...all the while SCREAMING to be picked up so they can see what it is that i am doing. haha...i know you are all jealous of my relaxing days!!

here are a few pictures that i took yesterday evening. the girls' hair is finally long enough to be put in a small pony tail on the top of their heads. however, its still a little too short and sticks STRAIGHT up in the air. ENJOY!

taking a bath after dinner
allison (always changing in looks)
sitting on their couch feeding each other...aww!
watching some CINDERELLA!
my wonderful, loving, amazing and fantastic little family! ♥♥

God Bless

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