December 11, 2008 is just one of those days...
before i begin my pity party i would like to say that my little girls are usually (and i mean 99% of the time) perfect little angles. i was truly blessed when i had them and have never really struggled with discipline, temper tantrums or anything along those lines. that is, until NOW!
the girls have a strict bedtime of 7 or 7:30pm and we stick to it. johnny and i are lucky enough to have two children who fall asleep very quickly and quietly and they tend to sleep for 12 hours straight!! this was not the case last night with Allison. @ 10pm she started to cry and scream. since johnny was on watch and i wasn't doing anything other than watching TV, i thought it would be nice to bring her downstairs for some one on one time with me. we hung out until johnny got home around midnight and she was off to bed again. she went down without a fight and was fast asleep....until 4am!! johnny and i were awoken by a horrible scream that sounded like Allison was in terrible pain. since johnny's alarm was going off anyway (yes, he gets up THAT early) he ran to the nursery to make sure her leg wasn't stuck or she was truly in pain. come to find out...she was perfect. the second johnny walked in she would start to smile and laugh. she wasn't hurt, she was just awake. haha. johnny changed her and gave her a full sippy and started to get ready for work. when johnny left 30 minutes later she was still going at it.
believe it or not, she sat in there and cried for almost 2 hours! i checked on her every couple of minutes to make sure she was still okay and even turned Cinderella on for her. around 5:45am she eventually got tired of crying and fell asleep. (i got a three hour nap in before i was woke up again)
i know you are all wondering how this effected Alyssa....IT DIDN'T! she was even snoring when i went in there to check on her sister. even though they are in the same room, it has never effected their sleeping habits. they have learned to ignore each other very well in times like this.
!!the pity party is over!!
when i woke up this morning i really thought it was Friday. i was looking forward to johnny coming home early, sleeping in tomorrow morning and hanging out with friends tomorrow night. it wasn't until my mom called that i realized it was only Thursday...i almost cried! :(
i officially turned on our heater today because it's down right FREEZING! or at least it was last night. we left a window open in the hallway and the house feels like an igloo.
the twins amazed me yesterday by helping me with laundry. i have been waiting for this since the day i found out i was pregnant. haha. the girls helped me carry some towels, wash clothes and dish towels and put them away. they even picked up articles of clothing the fell out of the basket and put them back for me. they were such good little helpers. after laundry i decided to give the girls a snack of peanut butter on toast, apple slices and some strawberries. i hadn't even finished putting laundry away when i noticed Alyssa had FINISHED her food. Allison was still in the process of throwing her fruit on the floor, but Alyssa had eaten it all. she is such a good little girl.
since johnny had a late watch last night i decided to give the girls a LONG hot bath. they played in there for 45 minutes. that is a new record in this house. they are usually ready to get out after 10 minutes of splashing! they figured out how to stand and play "basketball" with a toy that grandpa and grandma stone gave them. they were fighting over the balls and clapping for each other when they put the balls through the hoop. it was so fun to watch. they even tried to help me wash their hair. i was rubbing the soap in when they started trying to rub it in themselves. at one point they even tried washing each others was adorable! the girls are also much better at taking directions. when i say "okay, lets go to your room" they just take off. all i need to say in the afternoon is "let go to bed" and they start heading to the stairs. they are changing so much everyday and it is hard to keep up with them. i am always shocked when they do something because i am still coming to terms with what they learned the day before. UGH! why do they have to grow up so fast?
God Bless

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